Difference between bags Made in France and bags Made is USA

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the quality and resale value of LV bags made in France and those made in USA?

    I'm looking to buy a Denim Neo Speedy. I just returned one I bought to elux because of defects! :sad: It was made in the USA.

    The main fabric of the bag was sewn crooked so the design gradually slanted. It was subtle but for $ 1400.00 it was noticeable! The side of the bag bugled out with excess fabric at the bottom. Also the bag was clearly a return because the inner gift box had stains all over the lid and there was a mark on the leather on the front of the bag. I was really annoyed that I paid full price for this bag and the quality control was so bad. They did take it right back and are crediting me the return shipping. So at least I wasn't stuck with it.
  2. Sorry about the typos! I need my nails done! :cutesy: :cutesy:
  3. There is no difference. People just want the France.
  4. There's no differences. The popular styles are all made in USA. It takes too much time and money to make and ship them overseas.
  5. Yup. There is absolutely NO difference. ;)
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. No difference. I swear people just like to have allegiences. Sorry about your speedy! Are you getting another?
  8. possibly the returned bag was fake? it seems odd that that many things wrong with the bag could get past qualtiy control at LV
  9. no diff
  10. I'm confused. I thought the big deal with lv is its perfect craftsmenship and that no flawed ones ever circulated. I should be getting my bag from eLux today and am suddenly worried. This wasn't the first 'flawed bag from eLux' post. What gives? (Maybe this should be a seperate thread...sorry op...not trying to barge in.)
  11. this comes up VERY often, someone was kind enough to link to another thread.
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