Difference between anthra/ink/steel

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a color that's the CLOSEST ever to black... but I am having a hard time understanding the differences of these colors.
    Whats with anthra? Is it grey? blue? green? what about ink? and the new steel? any other colors closer to black??
  2. I took back my Black City and bought an Anthracite City - and I don't think most people would even notice (I do!) In bright sunlight, it looks soft black or blue. Inside the house, it's black. On my desk at work, it looks pretty much black. It passes for black all the time.

    To me, Ink just plain looks purply all the time ( I love it - but I like purple). Anthracite, though, really works for me as if it's black.

    People are saying the steel is more of a deep gray without the chameleon like quality that some colors have (my 06 camel, for example, is pretty much always the same color).