Difference between Alexander Wang and Balenciaga?

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  1. I know Alexander Wang is the designer for both of them, but what's the difference between the two lines? It looks like Balenciaga is more expensive..is it worth the price difference? Thanks in advance.
  2. AW just took the helm at Bal as creative director. He's had his own line for years, his line is a lower price point and style wise it's more androgynous IMO. Bal has been around for a lot longer and has had several creative directors. On whether or not Bbag are worth the extra money that' a personal judgment call, only buy what you like and what you can afford. I feel like AW bags have thicker/more hearty leather where Bbags are thinner/more delicate. However with all the studs on AW bags make them too heavy for me.
  3. Also, Alexander Wang bags are made in China. The quality is not that great, so it's good for if you just want to buy for the trend as opposed to investing.

    I had the Rocco years ago and sold it after wearing it once because I didn't want to deal with the leather piping tearing and showing the plastic underneath.
  4. Thanks for the responses :smile: I want a Balenciaga Pompon bag(love the powder pink) and at Neiman Marcus they were displaying a very similar bag from AW.
  5. In regard to the quality of an Alexander Wang bag, I made the mistake of buying one. The weight of the bag was overwhelming plus the leather was thick, heavy and I didn't think the quality was good. It was made in China with a cloth lining and the lining didn't fit the bag correctly. I sent it to an assingment shop to sell and it still hasn't sold. FYI: I bought it on sale so there was no return. Never ever will I make that mistake again.
  6. I love them both tho
  7. I own both and love both.....never had a quality issue with either brand. However I would say Bal is worth the price difference. Alexander Wang bags are much thicker leather and MUCH heavier with lots of hardware, and Bals have softer lambskin leather and are light bags to carry. AW have a lower price point and they are trendier and edgier, IMO. I still love them but don't know if I'll be carrying them more than 5 years from now. Bal is more classic and and good to invest in if you know you'll be using it for years to come.
  8. I actually like the pebbled leather on AW bags better than Bal's it's so much heartier IMO. I had a rocco but sold it after using it for two weeks because it was TOO heavy. I was so excited when they come out with the rocky (a mini rocco) and it was still too heavy for me.
  9. I've been carrying my Alexander Wang Eniko constantly since I got it December 2009 and I've experienced more pros than cons.
    + good quality lightweight suede
    - zipper of small pocket is broken, probably because the lining kept getting caught in the teeth (I just use the other 6 pockets)
    - piping ripped, exposing plastic underneath (which I simply removed)
    + crossbody strap is comfy and easy to carry
    + zippers are easy to use
    + cellphone pocket
    + looks good both full and empty

    I want to add that I got mine on sale. I would never pay full price because the quality isn't up to par with the retail price. I also just got a Eugene from eBay. I love it so far but I'm curious to see how it holds up...

    **Edited to add that the damages on my Eniko happened within a year of regular use :tdown:
  10. There are so many more awesome and cooler styles than the Rocco/Rockie!! I have the Donna Hobo and I love it to pieces!!! It's not thick leather and its not heavy. The only thing I don't like about it is that the leather + the color I own cannot be cleaned. Once a stain is there, its there forever. But it doesn't bother me AT ALL since I paid waaaay less than retail for it (pre owned)!