Difference between 2006 & 2007?

  1. Hey everyone! I actually just received the balenciaga black city....I just assumed it would be 2007 but when I looked at card info it says 2006 f/w. (I ordered it from Nordstrom-arden)>.....What is the difference between 06 & 07?
    Should I return it and ask for 2007 model?
    Here is the pic again
  2. If you love it then it's not a big deal! Some people just don't like the leather from 2006 bags is all....but if you do then definetly keep her!
  3. ^ ;) I agreed! If you love it then it doesn't matter!!!
  4. I have a f/w black 2006 and it has fabulous leather (smooth, silky) and has broken in beautifully. Some have said that their black 2007 have faded to a green, others not.

    In general, people have been more fond of the 2007 leather (many have really thick leather), but I have 2 2006 bags that are great. I think it depends on each bag and what you like. I'm still deciding what I like, sometimes I like smooth and sometimes wrinkly, depending on the style and color.
  5. Because there is so much variation in each year, I would never base a decision to keep a bag or not solely on what year it came from. 2006 gets a bad rap because many of the bags had really thin, dry leather. However, there were also plenty of bags with really amazing leather- I've owned a few bags from 06 and they've all had thick, soft leather. The important thing is that you like your bag :yes:
  6. I think there is as variation in a given year of leather as there is between the years.
  7. yes it doesn't matter the year it was released or made... as far as I know they already made it before the year it was released... there's nothing wrong at least the design are great...
  8. The thing is there is no Balenciaga near me so I had to phone order....so that's why I'm having a dilemma with this being my first b bag. I like everything about it, but you are right the leather is thin. Is this going to affect me in the future (b/c I plan to wear it a lot).?
  9. If the leather is thin, I would recommend sending it back for another. Fortunately, Nordstrom is great with exchanges, so it shouldn't be a problem. When you talk to your SA, tell her you want one with thick leather. Sarah at that store is knowledgable about Balenciaga and will know exactly what you are talking about.
  10. My black city is from 2006 and the leather is gorgeous. I think it varies from bag to bag. If you like the leather on your bag, keep it, if not - send it back.
  11. I'm planning to buy a City too....what's the disadvantage if the leather is not so thick? Aside from preference...does it affect how the bag holds up/lasts etc? TIA!
  12. HI,
    I have an 06 Black first and I have to tell ya that the leather on this bag is so thick and YUMMY. It honestly is thicker than my 05 bags so if yours has nice yummy soft leather dont worry about what year, I have heard some things on 07's so you may send it back and wish you wouldnt have "BUT" if you are not happy with it then I would. GOOD LUCK!
  13. Yes the black city that I use to own had really yummy leather! It was the best leather I've seen (very smooth, non-veiny and smooshy).
  14. Thanks everyone for your input...I mean I like everything about the bag...it's just the leather being a little thinner. I am not sure which I prefer b/c it is my first. I guess I was just worried thin leather bags might not last as long?
  15. I have an '06 black bag (different style) and I love the leather as well. Remember that when people talk about thick or thin leather, Bal leather is pretty much always soft and squishy, so you may be thinking that it's thin just because of that. It's not as thick and heavy as a lot of other brands, which makes the bags nice and soft and light.