Difference between 07 and 08 Marine?

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  1. If there are no paper tags, is the only way you can tell which is which is from the mirror? 07 mirror has a pocket on the back and 08 mirror does not?

    And as 07 Marine was from S/S, it would all be chevre, right?

  2. I think 07 Marine is lighter than 08's... but it's going to be tough to tell without them side by side!

    07 Marine was from the S/S07 collection, so the mirror would still have a back pocket. And, yes, 07 Marine would be Chevre. You would need the tag to be sure!
  3. i believe 08 marine has a bit of purple tones whereas 07 marine is really a deep blue? btw, this should go to the reference sub-forum? perhaps you could check further there ;)
  4. If i remember correctly, 07 Marine is darker than 08 Marine. Gorgeous Gorgeous blue~!

    07 marine, would be a chevre, w/ the addl pocket behind the mirror. Agneau was mixed in f/w 07.
  5. 2nd this. Before I got my work, Marine 08, I got a chance to see a 07 Marine city. The 07 looks more blue while the 08's darker with a hint of purplish. I prefer 08 though.
  6. I think 08 Marine is a bit darker?
  7. Here are the 07 Marine and 08 Midnight/Marine. Sorry that I cannot photo them side by side since I don't own them anymore.

    2007 Marine City


    2008 Midnight/Marine


    From my eyes, 08 Midnight/Marine has some ink blud tone in there.

    Jusr for the side note, Bal called their 2008 dark blue be Midnight instead of Marine.
  8. Thanks, everyone for your responses!

    I saw one on a site and it says that it's lambskin but then the mirror has a pocket which i thought meant it's 07 and a chevre. My 08 Marine (Midnight) SGH City did not have a pocket on the back so I was slightly confused.
  9. Here's my 08 Marine SGH Midday & GGH Day bags. I didn't like either style or the Agneau leathers so I sold them almost immediately.

    I am always ever so happy with my 07 Marine (Chevre) First, in good ol' RH...

    IMO, the 08 Marine is darker midnight with an ever so slight purple untertone (not that noticeable IRL).

    The 07 Marine is a true navy blue with dark grey undertones. In the sun 07 Marine looks like 05 Indigo and rocks with denim jeans!

    The 07 Marine in chevre was hard to find in good silky soft smooshy condition. I tried a few 07 Marines and found the leathers too thick and dry. 07 Marine was a bit fickle like 07 Vert Gazon or 06 Ink Chevre leathers.

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  10. Thanks, KDC. Interesting comment about the dry leather. That's very helpful indeed! I love your GGH Day, though. I was tempted by the one at Cult Status. But it's a weird relationship I have with Marine. I love it and have had two but sold both in the end. But still attracted to them.