Difference b/w MJ and M by MJ aviators?

  1. I was planning on buying the Mar Jacobs aviators (016), but then I saw that there were very similar ones from marc by marc jacobs too. Does anyone know the difference between the two? Is one smaller than the other? Also, while im asking, do you think aviators look better in gold or silver? Thanks!!
    marc by marc jacobs.jpg Marc Jacobs.gif
  2. the MJ ones look larger. And it's quite nice, but I'm loving my new dVb ones!
  3. there's probably not a whole lot of practical difference - just slightly different styles. i have a pair of m by mj rimless aviators from this season and adoooooore them. i'd say just go by the ones that look best on your face. and i generally go for sunglasses with gold hardware, but thats because they usually have brown lenses instead of grey, and they compliment my skintone better.
  4. Thanks for your help! I do like the dVb ones, but right now its hard for me to get my hands on them. I actually found better pictures of both pairs on Shopbop and I think I'll probably go with the marc by MJ ones. They look smaller and I like that the metal has a satin finish insead of shiny. I'm so happy because I usually tend to like more expensive things more, but the marc by MJ ones are $150 cheaper! :yahoo: