Difference b/w alta ariella a tallo and alta ariella talon?

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  1. Hello,
    I am new to this, hopefully I have put this in the proper place.
    Does anyone know the difference b/w the alta ariella a tallo and alta ariella talon please? How do they fit? Have 38, 38.5 & 39 in CL. Please help!
  2. Not sure what a arielle "a tallo" is...I have seen the arielle talon called the "arielle a talon" before, is that what you mean? As for sizing they seem to run small. I am a US 9, recently bought a pair in 9.5 and find them a bit tight. In CL I wear a 39.5 or 40 usually.
  3. Thanks for your reply MadameFifi, I too am a cat hoarder!

    I am considering purchasing an alta on ebay, and one seller told me it was a whole size smaller and the name on the box was Alta Ariella a tallo stivale. Another (including the description @ Saks) insists it is true to size because of the slightly rounded toe. The name on that one is Alta Ariella a talon. Very confusing.

    Ps. What lovely kitties!
  4. Awwww. thanks!:heart: The kitty in my avatar is actually just a pic I downloaded from the intertnet but the one in my siggy is all mine! One of 'em, anyway.

    I honestly would recommend going up a whole size rather than a half-size. You can always wear thick socks with them if they are a bit too big.
  5. Thanks so much! I was afraid you would say that....I desperately wanted the 38.5 to fit. Oh well, I'll keep looking...
  6. My Ariella A Talons are a 41. My usual Loub size is 40.5 - 41.

  7. I have suede arielle talons in a 38. I am a normal 7.5 and a CL 38 and they are not small at all
  8. I think they are one and the same style. I got my Altas from a tPR-er, and the label on the box was practically greek--but the style was what I identified with as the alta ariella talon.

    I wear 39 in VPs and took a 39 in the boots. Knee high. Or are you talking the ankle boots?
  9. I thought the alta ariellas were the knee-high boot and the areille a talon is the ankle boot
  10. I wear 39 in VPs and took a 39 in the boots. Knee high. Or are you talking the ankle boots?[/quote]

    The knee high boots.
    Do the VPs run the same as the Prive (is there such thing as no prive)?

    Thanks for the input Ladies!
  11. Speaking of which... I just got a really good deal on a pair of black suede Ariella Talons. Two questions: how comfy are they? I'd had my eye on a pair of Genervas but was scared off by both the price and the horror stories I'd heard about how much they hurt. And also: the ones I'm getting have wood heels. I feel kinda weird about that, would prefer black. Has anyone here had wood heels painted? Or is that a really dumb idea?

    Even though the talons have a 4.75" heel, I see they also have a 1.25" hidden platform, so they should only be like 3.5", which is the height of my Simple 85s, and I have just successfully spent my entire day walking in those :yahoo: Do the talons take any adjustment time to get used to wearing them?

    Thanks everyone!