Difference B Bag Styles

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  1. Please be so kind to explain the difference between the City, PT, and Work. What is the largest style where one has the option of wearing both straps over the shoulders aside from the brief?
  2. Most people can't fit the city bag handles over the shoulder. You would have to have very thin arms. The work is next in line where its a tight fit, but the average person should be able to fit them over the shoulder. The Part time has the longest handles out of the three and most people can wear it over their shoulder.

    Sizewise: The city is the smallest followed by the Part time, then the work. The Parttime is the height of the city but the width of the work (pretty much) - the city and Parttime have extra shoulder straps, whereas the work does not. The strap on the Part time is longer than the city, giving you the option of wearing it messenger style.