Diff. btwn Seven7 and Seven For All Mankind?

  1. I was looking thourgh ebay and found some really nice jeans that my friends are always talking about. I heard tehm say something about seven jeans but when I went to look it up, SEVEN7 and SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND popped up? Arent they the same? Is one of the pricier than the other?
  2. They are no way related..and your friends were probably talking about Seven for all Mankind..which most people call "Sevens"
  3. SFAM are the designer Sevens that are over $100/pr. Seven7 are the copycats that you can buy @ Express
  4. Yes, I got confused at Loehmann's but now I know. "Sevens for $65?!?!?!" :shame:
  5. I've seen the real Sevens ie SFAM @ Costco for $60 so price is not always indicative of what you are getting

    eta: I should've said that originally retailed for over $100 a pair. Now you it seems you can get last season's styles @ Costco (imagine that)
  6. :biggrin: I see now. Whew now when they talk about it. At least I will know what it is. Thanks
  7. Seven7 aren't copycats, they are an older brand then SFAM from France. SFAM actually tried to sue the brand for taking their name and were stopped when they found out that the brand existed before they ever did!! :lol:
  8. This is true. Macy's sells Seven7 for $89 a pair. Cheaper than 7FAM, but still nice jeans.
  9. I did not know this. :wtf: I always used 7's and Seven's as the same jean.