diff between Luco and C.Mezzo?

  1. Hi guys, planning to get an cabas mezzo, unfortunately the LV store that I went to didnt have it in stock, so i walked over to the next store and got myself a Gucci.... now, i kinda regret it. Anyway, i saw someone's pic w Luco, it has almost the same size as cabas mezzo? and doesnt have the vacheta under so easier to maintain... how come it's not as popular as Cabas Mezzo...?' Planning to use it for business trips ...
  2. I have the luco tote and use it everyday for work. I can fit my laptop, some files and wallet,etc. I love it for a work bag because it is so elegant.
  3. Sounds like a perfect bag
  4. For me the Cabas Mezzo was more comfortable under my arm. Plus I really love the tapered look and the vachetta trim.