Diets that work?

  1. I am in need of a diet that works. I just cannot find anything that gets rid of belly fat!!!!! :cursing: I tried weight watchers and followed it to the rules, but it did not work. I lost water weight and that is it. My weight has not dropped like they said it would. Maybe 5 lbs but that is all. I will admit I do binge on junk food nad I know I need to stop, but I am having a hard time replacing it with alternatives that are just as satisfying. :shrugs:

    I am almost to the point where my doc is pressuring me to do something about it. Every time I see her, I get a lecture about how my heart is at risk, etc. And I know all this, but she doesnt understand that I have tried time and time again. If I weighed 20 lbs more, I would be a candidate for bariatric surgery. I am still in my 20s, never had kids, I exercise on a regular basis, and I used to be mega thin, so I know that my body has the power to bounce back if I do the right things. I don't want ot cop out and get the surgery bc I know I have the strength to go natural. I need to make a lifesytle change that I can stick to with my slow metabolism.

    Anyone know of a diet that is good for the long term that targets belly fat? Any advice is appreciated! :yes:
  2. cardio, cardio, cardio!
    You HAVE to move A LOT to burn fat.

    Also, you admit to bingeing, this is your downfall.
    It's really a simple thing, but hard to do w/o some willpower.

    People KNOW that they need to make healthier choices, it's really as simple as that, but really hard for some people to control themselves.

    ALso, have you had your thyroid checked, this is VERY important as if it's not right you can actually gain or not lose weight even if you eat better and exercise.

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  3. I have battled weight off and on for years...(between a size 14 to a 6) I have done everything, a million different diets...Im now 38 years old..I have only JUST discovered its not about a diet per say...its about a healthy lifestlye. Stop crash diets, or fade diets, eat healthy, be healthy...I promise you this..if you can find a way to do this you find a peace inside and you wont want to binge. Just wake up and start your day with 40 minutes of exercise, or 30..whatever makes you comfortable.. and eat healthy..keep a journal of your cal. and fat...I swear..once I took DIET out of my vocabulary life became easier. If you need help pm me.
  4. Hey Olive Olivia to a certain extent I can understand how you feel. I am also in my in my 20' kids, and i've always been thin...i gained over 50lbs within the past 2 years due to a variety of med's and a back injury. Now I am motivated and more determined than ever to get back into all my old clothes and feel good about myself. I tried WW also and no significant changes. I actually hired a personal trainer and i am eating super super healthy. I told my trainer I dont understand why I am not seeing results...why cant i loose weight? She need to think about this as a lifestyle change...not as a temporary quick fix! Dont stress over the fact that your not loosing lbs, or inches...just dont think about it and do it! I am working out 7days a week and switching up between cardio and weights...and i am eating really healthy and no junk food ( i have a really bad sweet tooth!..more like sweet mouth) It just takes dedication and persistance. You def can do it!!! I am trying to stay positive and focused...think about this as a total lifestyle change for the better! :smile:
  5. bella, maybe you should have your thyroid checked as well:yes:

    There was this show on New Years Eve called Resolutionaries and one of the people had stagnant weight for a long time.
    She does triathalons, triathalons I tell ya! and cannot lose a pound. This girl is stuck at 170 and they showed her eating and basically chronicled her every move for more than 8 weeks.
    She exercised at leaast 5 days/ week and ate healthier than anyone I know and her weight didn't really budge. Even w/ a trainer watching over her exercise and diet very carefully. The trainer was stumped.
    On a whim they checked her thyroid and it was SOOO low the Doc said he can't believe that all the exercise and diet was even sustaining her weight, he said based on how low it was it was a wonder the weight wasn't piling on!

    I have a real willpower problem, we eat out ALL THE TIME and that food is surely full of preservatives and creams and etc. . . . :cry: I can't stand to cook though and I really enjoy the social part of going out to eat.
  6. Hey Swanky...I actually just had all my blood work done...thyroid, diabetes, etc...etc...and everything came back normal. The problem my Dr. thinks is that I was on so many pain killers, and steroids for my back pain and those types of meds signficantly lower your metabolism....she said just stick to my plan and I will start seeing results....I hope so! :smile:
  7. I found that the Zone Diet works. It shows you how to portion food.
    I followed the diet and walked around the neighborhood, or used an exercise video...for 30 minutes....everyday.....and lost inches fast...

    I have been smart about eating since...and it's been i still eat it.
  8. i'm a binge eater too. but over the past few weeks, i've replaced a LOT of my junk with healthier stuff- still a binge, yes, but it's a binge on fruit or something. try doing that and you'll see it's probably NOT the sweets that you want. for me, i just wanted to EAT and that seemed like a good reason to break out the chips, you know? it's more like an oral fixation for me, lol!
  9. You will hear a MILLION different "solutions" it will still come down to a lifestyle change. If only I knew this years ago...what a BATTLE it has been.
  10. I agree with Sunshine, it has to be a lifestyle change. Diets may work for 5 pounds, but to keep it off, you have to evaluate your habits. I made a lifestyle change about a year ago and it's been good for me all around.
    I still eat "junk" but not like I used to. It's about moderation. If you tell yourself you can't have something, you just want it more.
  11. I've been following the scarsdale diet..I've lost 5 lbs since this past Sunday. I think it works pretty well, but no junk food!!
  12. I hate to say it but the best way to lose weight is to do -nothing- else. Just work out and eat very specific things. Don't let yourself touch sweets. Don't go out drinking.

    Just work out every day with 15 minutes stretch, 30 minutes cardio, and some weights, get a full 8 hours rest every night, and eat only healthy organic foods with nothing added to make them taste better. Don't miss days or you'll feel like crap. Don't let the things in your life get in the way of your health.
  13. :supacool: What she said. Exercise regularly (cardio and weights), make small and gradual changes in your eating and nutrition plan, and be consistent. Eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary. You are not on a diet, you are on a lifestyle change.

    Also, take Swanky's suggestion and see a doctor concerning your thyroid. Super important :yes:
  14. You are so right! Last spring, I lost about 25 pound in 2 months by RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING and watching my diet. After which, I was able to eat whatever I wanted but continued doing lots of cardio and didn't gain a pound! Hang in there!
  15. Good advice. Thanks girls. Yes, I need to up my cardio a little bit bc that is the only thing that will burn fat. It's so darn stubborn though. I never thought about my thyroid. It makes sense that an under-active thyroid will cause weight gain (or inability to lose weight.) I have admitted to myself that I need to stop eating junk food, but I do not think I eat any more than the average person. My skinny friends can eat entire packages of Oreos and it makes me so jealous! lol Life can be cruel.

    Next step will be to replace chips and cookies with fruit and yogurt (which is good for a sweet tooth but lower in fat and calories!!!) I need to put my mind to it and be sensible. I just HOPE my thyroid is ok......and I don't want to resort to gastric bypass! I am too strong to succumb to that! As in any recovery program, admitting your faults is your first step. :smile: :smile: :smile: Bye bye transfats and hello fruits!