Diets: do they work and whats your experience with them

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  1. I've been on numerous diets, I couldn't do atkins bcuz I love carbs way too much, southbeach, did that for a week but then went back to my old habits. I just love eating out way too much. Since february, I've gained 5 pounds:sad: . So starting today I got on a new diet, the kellogs one. where you eat cereal for 2 meals and what you normally eat for one. It claims you could lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. Has anyone else done this?? what are you guys experience with losing weight. It just seems so much harder now then before.
  2. I heard of diets working, like Atkins, but in the end they're usually not good for you long term. To stay healthy, you should tried to eat balanced meals, have about 1,200 calories, and keep away from the junk for the most part.
  3. I'm not a fan of this type of diet, because it involves drastically reducing the calories you consume. Of course you'll lose weight, since you're eating very little. But the minute you go off the diet and go back to eating enough to sustain yourself and the physical activity you do, the pounds tend to come back.

    What worked for me was exercising regularly and eating enough (1700-1800 calories per day), keeping a food log, eating wholesome, nutritious, filling foods, eating 6 small meals per day (which I still do), and having a day once a week where I ate and drank whatever I pleased, that way I didn't feel deprived. During the week, if I got a craving for a cookie, I had one, not three :shame:

    Losing weight and keeping it off is definitely a lifestyle change. There are no quick fixes.

    Good luck! :nuts:
  4. Cristina is smart. :smile:

    Any kind of "diet" is usually a bad thing. It sets you up to fail- because you usually end up cutting too many calories or not eating enough. The atkins diet is beyond unhealthy ( you NEED carbs, they make glucose which gives you energy.)

    It's all about everything in moderation. Be conscious of how many calories you eat, but don't cut too many out. I cut back to less than 1,000 calories a day, and I lasted about a week- it's just not healthy/maintainable. I try to eat under 1500 calories a day( alcohol excluded), and I work out around 6 times a week- Usually for over an hour. If you want to lose weight, you need to creat at least a 500 calories defeciet per day. 500 cal/day = 3500/week, and 3500 calories is 1 lb.

    Now, you say you like to eat out a lot. You should be very conscious of what you order- ask if there are low fat options, if it's fried- get it baked/grilled. Get the low fat dressing, or even better a vinegrette on your salad. Don't eat the bread/butter. Also, portions are usually WAY too big at restraunts. Cut it in half, or a little more, and only eat that hald. Eat it very slowly- concentrate on enjoying your food instead of mindlessly eating it.

    Honestly, the only thing that will actually work is diet and exercise. I take my exercise and diet pretty seriously- In the past few months I've stayed a size 4, but I've lost two inches off of my waist, and my thighs are significantly slimmer as well- but that comes from months and months of determination and going to the gym at LEAST 3-4 times a week, and usually 5-7. :smile: Everyone would love a quick fix, but in reality the only ( healthy) way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your lifestyle around.

    I KNOW you can do it, believe me- if I can ANYONE can!

    If you have any additional questions please ask- I've looked into this type of thing a lot :smile:
  5. Agree that drastic diets don't work and will actually cause you to gain weight over time, as when you reduce calories below a certain point your body will actually burn muscle before fat which slows down your metabolism. Then when you go off the diet, your body thinks the next "famine" is just around the corner, and puts the weight back fat.

    The only thing I've found that's worked for me and that I can sustain long-term is to cut WAY back on the sugar, white flour and other highly processed foods, and replace those with fruits, vegetables and some whole grains. You need to fuel your body; don't skip meals and enjoy healthy snacks. If I've eaten a lot during the day, I just have very light dinner, some soup or salad. Don't cut back too much on fat either; your brain needs fat to function and some fat in your diet will help you feel more satisfied. Have olive oil or regular dressing on your salad, but only a tablespoon. I've also found that I do much better having a little protein with each meal or snack.
  6. I've been doing Richard Simmon's FoodMover Plan since November, and I've lost 74 pounds. I don't really consider it being on a diet though. It's more of a sensible lifestyle change. The plan has you eating a balanced amount of every food group, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins, and exercising.
  7. ETA: congrats to you ArmCandyLvr!!! :smile:

    I don't believe in "diets"; I believe in lifestyle changes in your eating habits. Diets are temporary, which is why they fail most people. In order for you to lose weight AND keep it've got to change the way you eat and the way you view food...perhaps FOREVER! Most people want the quick fix and no one wants to own up to the fact that if you want long term weight loss, you may NEVER be able to eat pizza or McDonald's fries again. :amazed:

    That's why I like WeightWatchers...because it teaches you how to eat, how to control portions, and it helps you make smart food choices. You get X amount of food points a day...sure you can use up your points on McDonald's..but that may be the only meal you can have that day! If you want to eat more than your food points allow...start exercising so you can "buy" more points. Makes sense doesn't it?? ;)
  8. i lost 30 pounds on weight watchers last summer without feeling hungry or like i was on a diet. the way it is structured teaches you what to look for in food labels, what proper portion sizes are (that was my real problem - we're so used to supersizing everything that we have no idea how much it's actually healthy for us to eat), how to incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, etc. instead of being a 'diet' it really is a lifestyle change that you can stick to. it doesn't cut out any one thing, it just teaches moderation and forethought.
  9. I don't think there is any "diet" that is better than getting regular exercise.

    Now if only I could follow my own advice. ;)
  10. Agree with all the posts above. Exercise is critical -- I don't see how I could maintain my weight if I didn't go to the gym as much as I do --and moreover, my mood would crater without the exercise. Diets just make me feel deprived. My husband and I eat one meal a day together -- usually soup/salad or fish and vegetables. Then we have a "snack" -- kind of our tea-time -- cheese, fruit, wine. We have been nearly totally off bread, red meat, potatoes, pasta and cookies/candies for some time though I do have a craving for licorice (yeah, strange, I know) so I do eat a lot of that! So, no feelings of being deprived -- have just winnowed down our meals to focus on getting most nutrients with fewest calories. Have to say, though, I am ever-vigilant.
  11. For me moderation and exercise is key :biggrin: I dont really stick to any one DIET.
  12. In the past I literally took the Subway challenge. lol I wasn't actually trying to diet, but to eat more healthfully. I ate two 6" veggie delight subs a day ...with two macadamia nut cookies that is. :smile: anyways I went from 125 to 115...which is very skinny for me. I never felt better about my weight. So it really does work, and much better than all the junk i eat now (back at 125). I need to do that again!
  13. Agree re "magic food diets" are nonsense!:weird:

    Go 1,500 - 1,800 calories a day - be they carrots, chocolate or whatever - even blubber!:weird: energy in = less than energy out, you'll lose weight.

    Been there, done that back in my modelling days and now in my mid thirties when wanting to not get flabby.:suspiciou

    Anyone who says "eat loads of Food X!" = whether X is wheatbran, liver, grapefruit or cheese - they lie.

    Sometimes you'll be craving butter, sometimes weetos.... doesn't matter, count them in, count them out. ;)

    Energy in, energy out - nothing else counts!:biggrin:

  14. WOw thanks for all your help. I used to be 120 and after I had a baby I am stuck at 140. I agree with all of you guys that diets are not the healthy way to go and that proper eating and excercise is key. I used to work out 5 days a week. Now I have no way to work out unless I get a babysitter and thats another issue all on its own. ( I'm really scared to let anyone babysit my daughter after watching this one episode of Dr. phil where nanny cams caught babies being abused).Anyways. so right now the only thing I can do is cut the calories I eat. Today didn't go too bad, I didn't eat very much and feel skinnier already. But I think I should just join weight watchers, you go amanda losing 30 pounds. I wish I could just lose 10:sad: and I can't believe you Armcandylover, you lost a wopping 79 pounds thats like almost a nicole richie.. hahahaha
  15. thanks! weight watchers is really worth it, i've been on a diet basically my entire life and it's the only thing that compelled me to lose more than 2 pounds. my mom lost 40 pounds doing it one time, and lost 20 when she did it with me this past summer.