dietician or nutritionist?

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  1. Are they the same thing? I don't know if dieticians and nutritionists have the same education and training. I need to set up an appt. with someone to design a personalized plan. My iron is down to 4.6 and I don't like steak nor could I possibly eat it everyday. I also need advice about vitamins and supplements - which to take and when. Who should I see?
  2. you might want to consult with your doctor first, an MD would have nutritional training.
    With a low iron (and other issues perhaps) be careful about the supplements that might be suggested by a dietician or nutritionist, as they might affect other things.
  3. I think it's just the type of certification or degree that they have. Either one would be able to help (better than a dr would IMO).
  4. I'm almost positive that a dietician has more experience and education than a nutritionist. I think dietician needs to go through more schooling for certification and technically, anyone who graduated with a nutrition major or has some experience can classify themselves as a nutritionist.
  5. Dietitians are licensed by most states (Registered Dietitians= RD)... this means they require a Bacheolor's Degree along with post graduate internship by an accredited program of the American Dietetic Association. After that they have to pass a licensing exam and need to maintain their licensing by taking credits and classes to renew it.

    Nutritionists are not licensed or regulated by states, which basically means anyone can call themselves an nutritionist.

    Talk to your doctor about referring you to an RD.

  6. Was just going to say this! My very good friend is a dietitian for a nursing home and he says the exact same thing! Dietitians need to go to 4 years of schooling and hold a license and typically go for training even after they graduate college and get their license, so that they can renew their license and continue their education (my friend is always going to seminars and classes, etc.), etc..

    Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.
  7. Dietician, definitely.
    I believe if you go to, you should be able to locate one in your area.