1. I went on my diet on sunday and i havent eaten carbs since... ive been working out too.. i am determined to look hot on my wedding day and honeymoon :yes:
  2. Carbs are not your enemy, especially if you are working out while dieting (I hate the word "diet" by the way). Carbs (and anything else for that matter) are bad when you eat too many, eat them at the wrong time and eat the wrong kind. If you eliminate carbs entirely your body will become your enemy. Regardless of how you consume your calories (carbs, fat, fiber, protein) you still have to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound.

    What is your goal? You say it's to look better, right? If that's the case, don't be slave to your scale. Work out! The more muscle you build the more fat your body will burn, even when you are sleeping. Do cardio, lift weights and eat a healthy balanced diet. If you do those all of those things you'll be looking better in no time.

    Read this newsletter about carbs:
  3. How are you feeling?

    Are you tired?
    All of the above?

    Eating carbs will help solve that ;) Follow mokoni's advice, her post is great :yes:

    I :heart: carbs.
  4. ^^^ITA to both posts above me.

    So, what have you been eating ??:shrugs:
  5. You don't have to deny yourself carbs to lose weight. I should know...I am a carb junkie!
  6. Great advice! It will just end up bad if you try to deny your self your body needs carbs, especially if you are working out.
  7. I REALLY wish people would get oer this CARB stuff! Carbs are not the enemy! Everyone wants a quick fix. Don't eat potatos, white flour, white sugar, etc. Whole grains are good for you! You need fiber which is i carbs, it will make you feel much fuller longer. Weight loss takes time and it's not easy. Eat fruits veggies whole grains and lean protein with a little good fat mixed in (nuts, olive oil) and exercise 4-5 days a week (cardio and weights) and you will lose weight. Like I said on another post, it's calories in vs calories burned. Everyone trying to lose weight should get a basal metabolic rate eval (BMR). It tells you how many cals your body burns at rest every day, just for you to survive. My gym does them (there is a machine). Once you know that number you can go from there.

    My sister in law is the WORST when it comes to carbs. Everything with carbs is bad. Except on the weekends when she drinks like a fish and pigs out on fajitas. Then, they're okay, and she'll tell us that all she ate all day was a power bar, so it's okay. ugh!

    I lost 35lbs before my wedding, but I did it over the course of a year, and I've kept it all off for 2 years and that includes not being able to exercise after back surgery. You can do it, but don't do anything crazy. Your body needs calories to work right, that's how you keep your metabolism up and lose weight.

  8. ITA I am English and when I moved to the US 5 months ago washocked at this no carb attitude.

    I followed a eating plan in the UK called slimmingworld and had loads of carbs, the result a healthy 2lb a week weight loss on average.
  9. My uncle has a PHD and develops nutrition products at a major university. When the Atkins Diet was at its popularity, he said that "Dr. Atkins is a scary man." He added that there is no bad food. It all comes down to portion control and exercise. Teaching people to eat fat and lard and nothing else is just dangerous.
  10. exactly, ITA! A well balanced diet will be much much healthier in the long run than the stupid no carb craze. whole wheat and fiber are good for you
  11. The sad thing is that most people have no idea how their bodies work. They have no idea what the difference is between carbs you get from whole grain sources versus those that you get from refined and processed sources. In addition, they have no idea how their bodies metabolize and break down the foods they eat, nor do they understand what their bodies need for fuel. For the most part, I think they assume that what goes in eventually comes out and they have no clue what kind of damage the wrong foods can do.

    So sad!
  12. Good luck on your diet, if you need a support group just keep on posting!!! hehe Carbs or no carbs, you can do it!!!

    Oh and when's your wedding??:smile:
  13. I have to go along with everyone else with not liking the carbs diet thing. All the stuff I learned in anatomy and physiology and patho classes about the krebs cycle (sorry, science term) and how Atkins or other carb controlling diets work really scared me into never wanting to try them. They are really only meant for a short term thing and even then can really screw up your body's way of doing things.

    I would suggest trying a different, healthier diet, even weight watchers or something easy to use like that. It will be better for you in the long run and you will still attain the same desired effects.

    Good luck!

  14. I totally agree with yo uthere! You need to be eating carbs just not too much of it... yoru body burns a certain amoutn fo calories everyday no matter what.

    Nuts, green veggies, berries, lean meats, fish, peanut butter (organic withotu added sugar), whole wheat grain bread, brown rice

    those are all types of food that naturally increase the speed of yoru metabolism.. so you should be eating those, with atleast 2 of them in every meal.. and yous hould be fine. balance is the key!
  15. Back on counting calories and south beach after my Singapore trip as well! I have to get back to a size 5.