Diet Pills?

  1. Has anyone on here taken any over the counter diet pills that really work (with diet and excerise too)? What pills did you take and how much were they. I think I need a little boost!!
    Thanks, Britt
  2. I've taken Dexatrim natural and they did work. I lost about 8 lbs with that. I also took Xenical. My doctor told me it was ok to use Dexatrim and she prescribed the Xenical. What was refreshing is my doctor had used the Dexatrim herself. Plus you have to diet properly and exercise. I think that if you do both and you see results it may curb the need to use the pills. I know for me if I saw progress then that kept me focused.
  3. Also I got a colonic about a month ago and lost 2 in and 5lbs. That was my first time trying it.
  4. I always wanted to try one of those. how uncomfortable are they and how long does the procedure take?
  5. It was for about an hour. I was scared it would hurt but it didn't. I really couldn't feel the water pressure when we started. The lady that did it was very gentle and she took her time. It was crazy too see all of the stuff in your body leaving. Even after she finished she didn't rush me out or anything. I mean it was really a nice experience for something that you do in private. I am trying as best as possible to explain this without being to graphic. Now my mom and her friend want to go. I'm going again in a couple of weeks. It only cost $65. I thought it was expensive when I would hear about it.
  6. i guess i am too scared just coz i have a medical condition..... gosh, i really want to lose the lbs.....
  7. Just a warning about herbal diet pills- they are NOT FDA approved. This means that the herbal companies can write that their pills have a certain amount of x and y, but never have to prove it! Certain studies have shown that some companies put in half of what they say, and some put in over 3 times the amount! it's SCARY!

    I would recommend talking to your Doctor and going about this the safe way. Maybe get a referral to a nutritionist. Set up an exercise and meal plan.

    No matter what- always be safe! Don't get so desperate to lose weight that you endanger your health! All medications have side effects!

    Good Luck! :smile:
  8. There is another thread about this... DO NOT do it for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is that diet pills CAN kill you. Please please head my advice... they can cause so many issues you would never want and they may NEVER work the way you expect or want anyhow.
  9. My doc had prescribed me Reductil because i couldn't stop eating. Seriously, not just regular eatng, as in I really wouldnt get full and ate constantly. Its was terrible.
    reductil worked, but made me the moodiest person in the world. I felt sick, ahd a constant headache, and once passed out (it causes dehydration, but as you dont want to eat anything you can't drink either). It helped in weight loss for a weeks or so, then suddenly my body started storing everything i ate. So i lost oting but was very tired. Also when the meds wore off, you eat double.

    I got rather sick on it. Apparently the headaches and moodswings are standard. Nothing is worth crying every night. It was weird.

    I'm not into pills now. I swear unless you have a serious med condition, theyre so bad for you. Theyre addictive and in the long run do NOt make you lose weight.
    Healthy diet and lots and lots of exercise.
  10. Do you recommend a place for a colonic or did you just go anywhere? I
  11. Don't take diet pills!!! I had once become addicted to it... It also messed up the normal function of your body without you realizing it!
  12. WARINING: I just finished writing this and realized how long it I am SO sorry if I have bored anybody...just skip over it!...and I am not a know-it-all...just really have struggled with my weight! OK...I am now hitting "submit"...I hope you all don't hate me!

    Whatever you do...DO NOT TAKE DIET PILLS!!! I have watched SO many of my friends REALLY destroy their body's natural ability to metabolize!! :censor:

    I have struggled since college to keep my weight at what I would like and unfortunately, the ONLY way to keep the weight off is to do EVERYTHING in moderation...healthy diet & exercise! It is the LONGER, MORE BORING, & FRUSTRATING way, but that is the only way you will KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF!:blink: & FEEL GOOD!

    If you depend on a quick fix...the weight is going to "quick fix" you when you stop taking the will come back even faster and it will be 3x as hard to lose it!:mad:

    I know this all sounds rediculous...especially b/c all of us women would love for something to give us a hand..."jump start" our system so we can shed the first few lbs...but the only way to do that is just change the way you go about it.

    Everything in moderation...I don't want to sound like I am preaching or that I am an expert....I AM NOT...but how people talk about the "freshman 15"...I gained the FRESHMAN 40!!! Then to about 50 POUNDS!:sick:

    I am 5' highschool I was the end of college I was about 180! I am taller so I could carry it, somewhat...if we can call it that...then I just got sick of it...

    Cut out liquor & BEER...kept to a little wine...cut out any carbonated soft drinks etc. (bloats you & adds:sick: lbs) ...SH**...I say that as I am drinking a Coke! :biggrin: (keep it to a minimum)...started walking on the treadmill...then running & free weights...about 8-10 lbs w/ many reps...LOTS of crunches & sit ups...they become addicting!....and eating healthy...

    The human body only has the ability to digest 1 oz of red meat during (I think it is a 24hr period) all can check on that...and the rest stays in your body ...& well, rots...that is why SO many people become impacted & need colonics regularly...due to an insane consumption of red meat! Small amounts...a petit filet mignon once in a while won't effect you at all...BUT the way people eat red meat as opposed to lighter meats like fish & stays in the body!:shocked: (NOT TO BE GROSS HERE!!) make a long story short...I lost the weight in 8 months...went from a size 14-16 (22 yrs old - BOOBS were HUGE!) to 116 lbs...that was a bit skinny for at my wedding I was at 126lbs (26 yrs old) good weight! & it wasn't a struggle anymore...I just lived it and felt really good...NOW 29 yrs old...need to lose about 15lbs & recently started back into the "healthy" lifestyle...and what not...and I have already taken off 2 inches and about 8 lbs...just by moderation...healthy exercise & diet...and NO BEER!:hrmm:


    Sorry about the length!

  13. Hi there! How often can u do this Colonic thing? How much weight did you lose?
  14. I've only got one so far. I'm going Wednesday to get another. This is a month apart. So I'm trying to do it once a month. My friends mother she brought a series package so I think she went once a week. But even if you buy it that way it's up to you how you want to come.

    As far weight loss. I lost 5lbs and it stayed off no gain whatsoever plus 2.5in in the middle. The best way to describe it is my stomach felt like it does after you give birth and the skin is loose. What is also good people noticed that I had lost weight because of the inches which is better than pounds. It took about 2 days for me to see the weight loss but the inches were immediate. I didn't change my diet either.

  15. That's awesome. I'm currently looking around online for local hydrotherapy places that offer this. Thanks :yes: