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  1. I was just wondering if anyone takes diet pills. One of my co worker takes trim spa. She only takes then 2xDay. It's suppose to be 2xMorning, 1xAfternoon, and 1xEvening. Another coworker tried hers and said it made her feel spacey. Anyone else takes diet pills? What kind? Any outcome?
  2. I don't believe they work. I know that some of them have the same medicine I use for asthma in them, and they can really harm your heart if used improperly. I think a better approach would be to watch your diet and incorporate exercise into your life.
  3. Diet pills are not a safe way to lose weight. I took Xenadrine a long time ago (stupid decision) and I was constantly jittery and my heart was racing. The side effects can be dangerous, and it's just not worth it. Eating right, exercising regularly, and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to lose weight and keep it off :cool:
  4. I used to take T2's and it def. worked for me. However I can't stay on ephedrine for too long. Its not good.
  5. I tried Xenadrine and it really didn't do anything for me. I don't think any of these really work. The only thing that works for me is eating right and working my behind!
  6. i've tried some, but it doesn't work. pills tell u to take them along with a healthy diet and exercise plan.. well, just forget the pills and do the healthy diet and exercise plan. also, some just make u sick. =(
  7. I don't think they are very healthy...and once you stop taking them, your metabolism might be messed up.

    I saw one of my friends ordering this goofy formula out of a magazine the other day -- "miracle wieght loss drug!" -- and it's so obviously fake. If there really were a simple and harmless drug that would enable one to lose 40 pounds in a couple months then why would any one risk their lives for gastric bypass surgery?

    On the other hand, if someone has a serious wieght problem, they might talk to their doctor about some moderately useful prescription pills...but I just don't believe the otc stuff will work -- healthily -- for the long run.

    Otherwise, why wouldn't everyone just be on them all the time and enjoying pigging out:smile: It's like a fifty dollar speedy on ebay...sounds too good to be true, lol.
  8. I take Phentermine from time to time. They may work short term, but unless you are consistently working out, most people gain the weight back. I purchase it from (they have message boards, etc.) and although it is not cheap, it is real.
  9. LOL, good analogy :lol:
  10. I used to take ephedrine based diet pills. They're now illegal in California (not sure about the rest of the U.S.). While I did feel jittery, it wasn't a different feeling than being loaded up on a lot of coffee. I lost about 10 pounds pretty fast.
  11. I used to take some ephedrine based ones as well..they are illegal here in Missouri now. Back then, they did keep me from being hungry though. I've tried Trim Spa and the ones in the blue bottle (forget what they're called- from Walgreens) and they make me feel awful- jittery, etc. I think they are kinda dangerous!
  12. My reaction will come from my opinion on diet drugs (which is that they are NOT safe and NOT a good option), but wouldn't you think hearing that many states and laws being made to stop the selling of these products would send off RED signals about how bad they are for you?? People have died from them...

    Stick to diet and exercise. There isn't an easy way around it really.
  13. I want to clarify that I don't recommend diet pills. While they could potentially be a quick fix, they're also easy to abuse. If you don't develop a chemical dependence, you might very well develop a psychological addiction... not to mention the myriad health problems associated with diet pills.

    As far as I can tell, the diet pills currently on the market are completely bogus. I doubt anything you could buy at GNC would help you lose weight without a change of lifestyle and diet.
  14. Yep Yep Yep to all of the above :yes:
  15. Megs, I totally agree. Especially anything with Ephedra or Ephedra-like substances is dangerous. That's my profession physical therapist opinion.
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