Diet Coke Plus- anyone tried it?

  1. I am a Diet Dr Pepper girl but I thought I'd give this a try. I have a terrible stomach ache after I drink it- cramping, etc. Anyone else have this issue?

    I'm pretty sure that the symptoms are from the Diet Coke Plus. I've never had this issue with soda before. I'm not eating anything different and if I don't drink it I'm fine. much for "healthy soda" I guess.
  2. I was curious about this soda....
  3. What is it exactly?
  4. not yet
  5. its diet coke fortefied with vitamins and minerals.

    it tastes just like regular diet coke IMO
  6. I didn't notice a difference in the taste either.
  7. Ditto! I was hoping for something different but it tasted just like Diet Coke. Didn't give me any stomach problems though.
  8. I love diet Dr. Pepper also. I especially love the cherry vanilla but there were free samples at super target. The new diet coke was YUK!
  9. I didn't even know such a thing existed! soda with vitamins! hehe...maybe i'll try it.
  10. Wow!!

    Sounds great... I'm a hardcore Diet Coke girl, so I hope this one comes to Australia

  11. i'm a diet coke fan... i saw it and kept walking today but now i'm going to try it tomorrow JUST so i can tell u ladies how it was LOL
  12. Vitamins with soda still isn't tempting me to drink Coke!! Just give me some vitawater please!
  13. yeah i'm not going to drink more soda cuz it has vitamins, i just want to know if i can tell the difference taste wise really... and if it's going to make me sick, i'd like to know that t:huh:!
  14. i could definitely taste a difference, a slightly more mineraly taste? lol...i didn't have any stomach issues though. sorry to hear about that!

    i think this idea is fantastic for diet coke fans like myself who drink a ton of diet coke every day....extra vitamins don't hurt!
  15. It tastes the same to me. It costs as much as regular diet coke so might as well get some minerals and vitamins while I'm at it.