diet coke/pepsi

  1. Can you gain weight from drinking diet coke/pepsi even though there are 0 calories?
  2. no.
  3. The jury is out on that one I believe. Some researchers are starting to suggest that there is a link between drinking diet sodas and weight gain.........
  4. No, but I hear it can make you feel hungry, triggering overeating.
  5. In my opinion if you consume too much of anything then yes you will gain weight.

    If you're just having one or two a day then I don't think you'll have a problem though.
  6. the research is showing a definite link.
    There's other issues as well, like carbonation causes osteoporosis and caffeine dehydrates you . . . .
    I think the link shows some ingredients in artificial sweeteners are causing soem weight gain.
  7. You can't gain weight from Diet Cokes themselves. HOWEVER, there is a link between diet sodas and weight gain because it appears the sweet sodas actually make the drinker crave more sweets and you become dehydrated (which sometimes is misread by the body as hunger).
  8. ^^ Exactly. You also have to consider the idea that some people think they can eat more, because they drank a diet soda. Some people seem to function under the delusion that drinking a diet soda somehow cancels out the Big Mac, large fries, and apple pie.
  9. The chemicals in the diet sodas are what turn your body upside down.............don't get me wrong, I'd slam down 2 liters a day if it was in front of me but it's really not good for you in general. Think about it anything that tastes that good CAN'T be good for you! haha

  10. Yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,and there seems to be a whole lot of that going on, too!
  11. Well, I know they usually have a lot of sodium so maybe that can bloat you but I don't see how zero calories can help you gain weight. Never has for me at least. It's healthier to drink water but sometimes you just need a soda. I'm drinking a Diet Coke right now actually!

    BTW, they DO rot your teeth just like sugary drinks though. According to my dentist it's because they raise the ph level or something in your mouth. Trust me on this one. I am living proof!
  12. ^it's not the calories, or lack thereof that seem to cause the weight gain, it's what the chemicals/ingredients in them do to your body and how they alter different levels of things in your body.
  13. How many times have we heard this........."give me 2 whoppers with extra cheese, a fry, chocolate sundae, and a large diet coke". Oh, can you super size those fries? Honestly, I don't think a non diet coke would have pushed that strict diet over the limit. LOL!

  14. OMG This made me spit out my Diet Coke it's so true and funny! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I hate to laugh but this is so true. I've seen it a million times and I always wonder why they didn't just order the regular coke.....what's the point???