Diet Coke and Mentos

  1. Have you all heard how if you put mentos in a two liter bottle of diet coke it creates an explosion? The folks who made this video carried the experiment several steps's so cool!!

    YouTube - Diet Coke + Mentos
  2. Yep...I also so what ingredients on both the mentos and diet coke cause the "explosion"---mybusters on discovery channel is a great source of random info
  3. Oh, I saw this thing on David Letterman awhile's pretty cool. Best Week Ever on VH1 also did a segment and it was so funny because the guys on the show drank a bottle of diet coke and then popped a mentos in their mouth and nothing happened....they all said they were just really gas-y.
  4. holy COW! that was spectacular! I've tried it before, but never ever with such impressive results. wow!!
  5. I looked up the letterman was good but the music on the youtube version makes is awesome!!! I heard they got $30, 000 from hits on their website and that they are in negotiations to make it a commercial (for mentos or diet coke)...they were super creative!
  6. that was awesome!!! seriously cool. thanks for sharing!
  7. my husband's been babbling abotu this all freaking weekend.

    Glad to know its something that he didn't just pull out of his ass.
  8. I wonder what would happen if I drank a glass of DC and had a mentos?
  9. ^^^ I wonder that exact same thing
  10. That was awesome! Thanks!
  11. Hhehehe cool.. I may try it out this weekend!
  12. OMG! That's my kids new obssession! They constantly talk about the mentos thingy!
  13. I am wondering about comsuming mentos and drinking diet coke too....maybe some really bad gas?
  14. I drink diet coke and eat mentos all the time. I have never exploded with gas. Its my favorite movie combo! LOL