Diesel fans??

  1. I am a big fan of Diesel. I love their clothes, watches, and even BAGS!!!! 80% of my clothes are diesel and I have 7 of their watches... But only 3 bags so far.

    Just want to know how many of you love it?

    check out their bags. I think they are really nice!!!

  2. Sorry, Can't say that I'm much of a diesel fan. However they do come out with nice jackets and such.
  3. One of my guy friends is totally obsessed with Diesel. I must say I like some of their stuff but usually just the accessories. The clothes are a bit over the top for me, but this guy friend of mine carries them so well! I swear he wears Diesel head to toe. Glasses, shirt, watch, bracelet, jeans, shoes!
  4. I loooove their jeans!
    Too bad they're a bit pricey so my collection is expanding a bit slowly... ><;; only 3 pairs of jeans so far! =D
  5. Some T-shirts and
    and I love my Lahti Fur Boots

    I love Diesel because they support the "environment"!

    Pic. of my Lahti boots, I could take it with an outfit but its not winter yet to wear something with it!
  6. antixuptownsmall.jpg If you like Diesel you should also try "Antik denim"!

    I think Johnny Dep and Hillary Duff wears "Antik" (look at the "lifestyle" the story section)!

    Heres my recent purchase from "Antik"! Half "Biker" half "Western" think it very "Pirate"? ;)
  7. I thought you were talking about Vin Diesel. :blush:
  8. I am big Diesel fan... I won't tell you how much Diesel makes up my wardrobe.

    I started buying Diesel a few years ago... six to be exact, and I remember very well the time when their jeans did not cost over 200 &#8364;. I think that their jeans are very nice and well-build, but outrageously overpriced.

    Their shirts and knits are reasonably priced, well-made and stylish... I buy at least 4-6 pieces every season.

    However, a only few years ago Diesel still manufactured its clothes in the EU or Eastern Europe/Turkey, while now the shirts, tops and knits are all outsourced to HK...only the jeans and pants are still made in Europe, Bulgaria e.g.
  9. I love their jeans and shoes.
  10. they have really nice shoes. i bought a couple pairs of their jeans recently, and they are actually really nice!
  11. I really like Diesel but for the last two seasons alot of their jeans have been cut really slim which is an issue when you have a 29 in waist and 36 in hips.
  12. i like diesel. their jeans are great but i don't think they come out with enough low rise stuff. they're really cute when they do make low rise stuff, i have 3 pairs! my bf loves them and i agree with him, they're the best mens jeans.

    their shoes are great too, one of my best marshalls finds was a pair of black leather, round toe, stiletto boots for $36! they're super soft and a great basic boot.
  13. They are so cute.. i want a pair too... :smile:
  14. i used to love Diesel around 3 or 4 years ago, but not so much now. I still have a couple of pairs of Diesel jeans, but i'm not a huge fan anymore.