diesel dress & marciano top

  1. diesel dress & marciano top

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    splurges happen.



    whatcha think ladies?
  2. The dress is cute! The print on it is nice. The cut of the top is cute, i love cowl necks, but how does the fabric feel? It looks kind of itchy. Regardless, if you love it then rock it!
  3. With my style, I'd be more inclined to wear the dress. I actually really like the dress. The top is nice but I'm not too sure about the fabric. But like yesther says "If you love it then rock it". :biggrin:
  4. That dress is full of YOWZA! I'd definitely wear that if I had the boobs for it :p. Not completely in love with the cowl neck top, but it seems like it'd be something nice to wear when going out.
  5. I love the dress! congrats.