Diesel and Northface deals?

  1. I hope this is the right place to post this...

    My boyfriend has been wanting a pair of Diesel jeans for a long time now (or anything comparable. He needs a bit of a flare in his jeans). He has a hard time justifying spending that kind of money on jeans, but i'd love for him to be able to get a pair. Any ideas on where I could get some at managable prices? I'm hoping i get some responses so he won't hate me for being here all the time!!!

    Also, any ideas on where to get some Northface fleece deals?

  2. not sure if this helps, but I have noticed Diesel on sale at Nordstrom (both in-store and on-line) and at Yoox. Good luck!
  3. Also if you live near Central Valley, NY by any chance, they have a diesel outlet there. Nordstrom also has them on sale as well as north face brans.
  4. There is also a northface outlet in woodbury commons in Ny
  5. Have you tried bluefly.com by any chance? They usually carry Diesel denim. Also, If you have a Loehmanns in your state, check them out for Diesel too.
    As for Northface, I would suggest the Woodbury Outlet as well--they have the best deals as far as I know.
  6. try Urban outfitters too sometimes. My fiancee bought a pair of diesels for 49.99 on sale from 250 or so.
  7. Thanks you guys! I love Woodbury Commons, I've been once, but it's 4 hours away :sad:
  8. campmor.com always has crazy sales on north face