Diego vs Rocco

Nancy in VA

Bal & Legacy Lover
Aug 21, 2006
Sarasota, Florida
I am looking to purchase my first AW bag and am torn between the Rocco and the Diego. What are your likes/dislikes of each bag?

Is the Rocco large and bulky? I prefer a medium sized bag. Is the Rocco the more "classic" style that will not look dated?

Do items fall out of the Diego, can a wallet fit in the zippered comparment? Can the Diego be worn crossbody?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Oct 12, 2006
I had both the rocco and diego, but unfortunately had to give up the diego because of the piping peeling.

i really love both the bags, but find that the rocco just functions better for me. nothing ever fell out of the diego, but it seemed like whatever i put inside, it was lost forever. i found it too difficult to get in and out of the bag, especially while i was out shopping or in a rush to grab some change or something and it was hard to see inside of it too. i'm pretty small so i was able to wear the diego as a cross body. my wallet did not fit in the zippered compartment, but that may be because it's bulging with receipts and what not. the diego is such a gorgeous bag, but was just a pain to carry around.


Feb 9, 2006
Between the Diego and the Rocco, I prefer the look of the Diego as its something very different compared to other bags. If you take away the studs, the Rocco looks like any other bag (of course the studs make it what it is)

That being said, the Diego is not as easy to work with. It's hard to get things in and out even of you put your essentials in the front pocket. Because of the way the straps are designed, the rings rub against the straps a lot and it causes wear and tear. I've seen a Diego with tears on the straps from the opening and closing of the bag.

For something different - the Diego would be my choice
For something classic , simple and would go with most outfits - go for the Rocco.


Jul 21, 2009
I would buy the rocco first, then get a diego! Problem solved.:biggrin:

I agree with the others, rocco is more convenient and classic. The diego is not easy to get in and out of -and it weighs more.


Sep 21, 2009
yeah i was going to say rocco is definitely the easier bag to work with first. it's a pain in the butt to get anything in and out of my diego :yucky: