Die hare red fan vs. blue fan...???

  1. I was talking to my mom again...just girls'/women talking...Of course our main thing was shopping and Hermes. I have been die hard red color fan and my mom is a hug blue color fan. We were just talking about colors and our bags. She said that she likes Blue roi the best among her H croc. bags (she has blue roi Kelly with GH) because it's still pop-out color but classic and subtle. And she think that Braise (my favorite) or rough vif is too loud colors even though she owns some red H croc bags. She thinks I am too crazy about red bags(which I admit it, too...:sweatdrop:)

    My DH and my dad (please keep in mind they are guys:p..most of guys' favorite color is black or brown...)thinks it's much better to collect all-time-classic colors like black, brown, gold tone, beige for H croc. bags rather than fun colors if someone wants to spend that kind of $$$$$ for bags. So, they don't understand my love towards fun colors...:hrmm:Heeheehee...I LOVEEEE ALL OF THEM, OF COURSE!!!

    But, I am just curious...if you would choose between blue vs. red in croc., which one would you choose? How many of you are blue fans and how many of you are red fans in crocodile? Or none of these two colors....and all-time-classic color fans?
  2. If I could buy a Croc--I think I would pick a color in the red family. :smile:
  3. I have weired obsession about red bags...I don't know why...
  4. Both are gorgeous but if I had to pick, I'd go with red! :tup:
  5. Oh....She also add...Sometimes it reminds her of 'blood' in red croc. I mean she still think that red is nice but it's not her favorite color.:rolleyes:
  6. rouge h croc. yes yes yes!
  7. RED RED RED I love RED.

    My first working bag (2 decades ago!) was red. And I carried it to death. Literally. I carried it until the leather was stripped from the bag itself. :shame:

    My first birkin is a Rouge Garrance. :love:
  8. red family for me.
  9. RED! i just love braise and rouge vif in croc but that is a given red goes much better with my wardrobe and while bleu roi is beutiful it is not my fave bleu croc i like bleu brighton,bleu jean and indigo matte much more
    but actually croc or not i have far mor red bags then blue bags red just makes my heart flutter :heart:
  10. In a word, dear J, RED!
  11. Blue roi or blue sapphire for me in either ostrich or croc. I agree with your mom, pop with a subtlety.
  12. That's what my DH and dad say! If they really have to choose only between these two, both of them said they liked 'blue' better than red..they are with my mom than me on this..:sad:
  13. These colors would be my preference, too....
  14. RED, definitely. It is a gorgeous color -- but it also can be a neutral. I find blues more difficult to wear.
  15. I love red. Blue is a beautiful colour, but red makes my heart sings. Did you see Loveallbag's rouge h collection? Her matte croc bags are tdf.