Die hard marc fan needs your help

  1. Hi...While I do have a silverado..I have had a paddy attack. My Nordstrom SA was able to get an orange paddy to town (quite a feat for where I live) so that I could look at it. To my disappointment the bag looks like it's been kept at the bottom of a foot locker for a year or two. The SA told me that in addition to the textured leather, a l l paddys have wrinkles. Since this is the only one I have ever seen in person I can only judge by my reaction. It literally has not just a few wrinkles but serious smashed wrinkles (about 20 on the front). Is this really how they are?? Please help before I dive. maggie
  2. MuzMars, I suggest going into this thread: It will show you how paddingtons vary in looks. Normally a smooshy, wrinkled and pebbled paddington is highly desired. Smooth, stiff and structured paddingtons are very uncharacteristic of Chloe leather. However, "beat up paddingtons" are not the rage. Here is the link to PF'ers paddingtons: http://forum.purseblog.com/chloe-reference-library/all-about-paddingtons-46063.html

    Personally for me, the more smooshy and pebbled the better. But different strokes for different folks!
  3. ^ I second your post LG!! :yes: I prefer my paddys to have "wrinkles." I think it gives them character! :heart: While searching for a whiskey a few weeks ago, NM sent me a large pocket paddington (by mistake) and the leather was SOO smooth, I hated it!!!! :Push:
  4. Thanks for your message. I went into the link but most of the bags I saw did not look like this one. It's hard to describe but it is creased not just sort of have nice bendy wrinkles to it. It is literally like it sat under a piece of furniture for a while and has 20 serious hard creases. Versus the back has a slouchy crease look...ok obviously not getting the wording right. In all of the pictures I saw I did not see one like this but this may be because of it being a picture. If it's the thing and normal...I'm buying in like...one minute.. Man it's hard living where I live...maggie
  5. wow whiskey?? have there been more than one whiskey..is this the color of the paddy from a few years ago in the ads? and do they still make them?? m
  6. I saw a orange Paddy at my Nordies a few days ago. The leather did not look nice at all, similar to what you described. It looked rough and dried out? Not smooshy.

    I'm a Chloe newbie so I'm not sure if this is how Chloe fans prefer the leather to look? I don't think so. The other paddys (in other colors) had texture but were smooshy. They had leather that was TDF. Maybe there is something up with some orange paddys??

    FYI, Whiskey is a color that Paddies (and other Chloe bags) are still produced in.