Didn't win metallic Ali... so I had to impulse buy THIS..

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  1. Ok I am bad... but this was too good. I hope it is good when I get it.


    BIN for $189.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG!!!! Thats so awesome! congrats
  3. LOL... true impulse buy... didn't even look at the $25 shipping. LOL! oh well.
  4. :nuts:

    Nice buy! Congrats!
  5. This is my favorite bag ever ! Amazing price too ! I think you will be happier with this one.
  6. Oh wow what an awesome price!!!!!!! I hope I get my ali for around that price.
  7. I am so happy! I wanted this bag when they were all over the outlets but mine didn't have the all black leather ones.. YAY!!
  8. Wow what a great price!!
  10. That is the full size one, isn't it? I wonder why they had it for bin at that low price? Wow. Congrats! Don't feel bad for that price. You were smart to get it.
  11. LOL, I was just looking at that and was tempted to buy.....but then stopped myself. I just did BIN on the khaki/gold ALI slim flap a couple of days ago. I probably shouldn't be ebaying for awhile. Ha!

    And, yes, awesome deal, btw. Like I said, I was very tempted. You got a great deal!
  12. Yes, it is the full size one.. I even ran to my room to check my white one to see if the creed was the same :lol:

    I have no idea why it was so low... they say it has been worn a few times but nothing wrong with it... even comes with the dustbag.. and has the hangtags.. We'll see when I get it!
  13. It will always be worth what you paid even if it is slightly worn. Here's hoping it's like new!:balloon:
  14. congrats :supacool:
  15. Awsome deal! Congrats!!