Didn't we say that BLACK INCLUSION was being re-released?

  1. I was at Boston LV yesterday and my SA was looking through the lookbook for 2007 and she could not find any mention of black inclusion. She said that maybe it's on the vuitton website because they have left-over stock??

    Have any of you seen any black inclusion in the stores?

    Even elux has a pic of the black now, I don't get it...
  2. About a month ago I talked to an SA at the flagship store. She said they would be re-released in october and put me on their list. But I haven't received a call.... maybe it's delayed? They grey hasn't come out yet either has it?
  3. ^^No, no grey yet either. She said that wasn't in the book either.
  4. i dont know about the black but the grey is up on the LV site. it has pretty little pearls inside. its TDF!
  5. Yup, it will be, it was on the release paper my SA sent me a few months ago. :yes:
  6. I think it will be.......just not sure of the actual date.
    Remember, they basically just put the blue inclusions on the market with no mention of it........!!!!!!!
  7. leave it to rebecca. girl, you are always on it!
  8. Well I guess we'll just have to wait then! Thanks for the info ladies!
  9. The new black is supposed to have multicolor stones in it...it will be different than the old black. I asked about grey inclusion today and my SA had no idea when it will be released.
  10. The black bracelet on eluxury is a pic of the old black bracelet from about two years ago. I think elux sometimes shows pics of stuff but doesn't actually have the color shown in the pic.

    On vuitton.com, a pic of a black inclusion speedy keychain was showing for awhile with red crystals but it wasn't the original black inclusion speedy keychain from a few seasons ago. The pic is no longer showing... I guess we'll see the new black when LV finally releases it (hopefully, soon!!!).

    The new black bracelet in the LV lookbook almost looks like the amarante bracelet - really hard to tell what color the crystals will be in the new black bracelet.
  11. I was thinking someone's SA told them the crystals in the black will be multicolor.
  12. ^^ I heard the same info!^^

    I can't wait to see both of them! I want to get my Mom the black inclusion key chain!
  13. Lol photoobsessive.
    And yup, the stones will be multicolored. I think it's better that way so you can differentiate between the old black and the new black.