Didn't use my Saks charge, have to pay shipping?! WHAT!

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  1. I did a charge/send of two LV bags from Saks. Had one go on my Saks, one on my Visa (had a credit, so let's use it up, lol). They're not charging me S&H on my Saks purchase, but they ARE charging it on my Visa. Now, I'm buying $3000 plus of bags and you're charging me this?! Yep, said the Store manager. New policy, ONLY Saks accounts will receive the perk of no S&H if their account meets the correct status (mine did and I already knew that).

    As my SA said afterwards: Things are getting REALLY bad for retail establishments.

    Yeah, well, doing this to a customer ain't helping them much, lol. I was surprised, that's for sure.
  2. My SAKS SA told me last month that the SA's got into alot of trouble with free shipping.They R cracking down..I had to pay shipping as well when I used my visa and it made me mad too!LOL!
  3. :supacool: well atleast theyre not charging you an arm and a leg for shipping.
  4. the mahina xl only cost me like 30 to ship w/insurance and all that; honestly not a bad deal. But i normally ask them ship to the store (free) and pick up from there :yes:
  5. Well, the bags arrived today and I was charged shipping for BOTH bags in one box (total of $26.00) AND I had called them and told them to put them BOTH on my Saks. The Saks First rep removed the S&H; I know it isn't much, but I want my perk, damn it, lol.

    In any event, they're here and they're gorgeous.
  6. Yeah, I have to really try to not get mad at my Neiman's SA when I charge/send Hermes items because she usually charges me shipping. I know it's not her fault but it sucks to get charged shipping while the website is doing a free shipping promo, kwim?