didnt the Alma in epi have gold hardware!!!

  1. Question guys i recently was looking at the epi line and noticed that the alma has silver hardware now it seems as if the gold never existed!!! I was with my mother when she picked up the alma in red with GOLD hardware the silver witch shows on Vuitton.com dosnet look as good as the gold. Shes goana be upset! :crybaby:

    PS: we got hers like a year and a half ago
  2. They switched the epi line to silver hardware earlier this year -- I'm not sure exactly how long ago. You might still be able to find some epi stuff with gold hardware though. I bought my Jasmin about 10 days ago and got one with gold hardware, so there's hope! You might want to try calling the LV number 1-866-VUITTON to see if they can locate something for you.
  3. You might be able to find one in the stores still with gold... I know, I usually like silver HW, but I think that on the mandarin and the red Epi, th gold was really pretty!
  4. i liked it much better in gold my moms alma is much nicer in gold than in silver
  5. I am in the minority, apparently, but I was so excited that epi switched to silver hardware! Not that I minded the gold -- the epi line has always been my favorite -- but I wear only silver/platinum/white gold jewelry and I love the way the silver hardware matches. A friend of mine just went to Paris, and asked me if I wanted a bag -- his hotel was across the street from Vuitton! -- and I asked for a red epi Alma, but I specified that I only wanted it if it had the silver hardware. :smile:
  6. they introduced the silver hardware when the myrtille blue came out. but i belive the hardware colour is just an option at the moment - not a permanent shift to silver.
  7. I think some epi colors look great with silver and some with gold hardware.:love:
  8. Is the gold hardware actually gold plated, or just made to look like gold?
  9. I agree!:yes:
  10. It is still possible to find some epi bags with gold hardware in the stores. They're not all gone yet. Just call around to find out.
  11. I agree with you Irene. I have the red epi Alma with silver (I waited for this bag to come out and the epi seem darker with the silver which I really :heart: ) and the pont neuf mandarin with gold.