Didn't take long.........

  1. ......For you all to rub off on me. I made my first LV purchase the other day. Thought I would start off with the mono Speedy 30. :biggrin: I had just taken it out the box when I took this photo. Question: What do you all do with your locks? I don't have a need for it. I was gonna throw it on my keychain or something. Does anyone keep the lock on their bag??

  2. Loove the speedy 30.
    When I have my speedy 25 I kept the lock on the bag, it's so cute there! The keys I kept in my jewelry box though. Congrats!
  3. i kept the lock on the bag also. i keep one of my keys on a keychain and my boyfriend keeps one of them on his, just in case i lose mine. :biggrin: plus, he feels entitled to it since he helped me pay for it. :love:
  4. yay congrats! i think the bag looks cuter with the lock on the bag.. it's like an extra cuteness/accessory/freebie. :smile:
  5. I dig the lock, too. It's on my bag.
  6. Oh, I guess I'll keep it on the bag then. Another question: About how long does it take for the leather to darken? Thanks!
  7. that question is all dependent on you. if you use it a lot (like every day) and it's usually sunny where you are, then it'll patina faster. but if you use it seldomly, then it wont patina as fast... or if you use it a lot but in a more cooled environment or with gloves on.. then it wont darken as fast.. lotta variables in what makes it darken fast/slow..

    if you want it to darken even faster, tan it in the sun, or leave it in your car on a hot day for a few hours.

    or some ladies here put it on a tanning bed, which i'm not sure is good for the leather or not since it needs to breathe and those tend to bake the leather drying it out.
  8. Congrats. I leave my lock on the bag too.
  9. I keep my lock in my dresser drawer and have something lighter on the lock spot. I didn't want the leather tab to be pulled down by the lock. Maybe after some use I'd put the lock on but not yet.
  10. congrats on your purchase, I would keep the lock on the bag, i think it cuter that way.
  11. Congrats! It's such a classic.
    I keep my lock on too. It looks cute, but I would probably take it off if I could, I don't have the keys.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'll let it patina on its own with time.
  13. Congrat's.. nice bag:smile:
    I too keep the lock on my bag, it just completes the look.
  14. Congrats,I like the look of the lock on the bag.
  15. we have the same bag...yuhuuu....congrats.. i keep my lock on the bag...