Didn't some one want a Sac Chien in Damier... (PICS)

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  1. that is fabulous. expensive, but fabulous.
  2. Yeah it looks cool, i dont see why they dont offer it as part of the regular collection
  3. Don't have a dog, but love it! Seems more practical than mono.
  4. Wow, it looks fantastic! I've got a couple of rain spots on the handles of my Mono Sac Chien now. It would be so much more practical in damier, which I love!
  5. I really want this carrier just not for that price tag. I have it in mono but would love to find in damier. In azur would also be stunning.
  6. I've seen that on ebay before I think it was the same seller too so they've had it a while if somebody wants it they should try and see if they can get a discount
  7. I wish everything in monogram also came in damier and did not have to be special ordered. I am in serious need of a sac chasse in damier canvas! I just dont have the patience or cash to special order it.
  8. Its gorgeous, I just need a small pup now!
  9. i love it in damier! way more pratical
  10. that's very pretty.
  11. Yeah, it's much more practical as you wouldn't have to worry about the nasty drooling on the vachetta or even worse; chewing. :tdown:
  12. Love it, does anyone know what's the retail price?