Didn't realize

  1. That the keepall 45 and the Suhali lockit GM

    that the lockit gm (Suhali) was so big :wtf:
    Or am i reading the measurments wrong
    Is it 19" long and 14" tall?
    • 19" x 14.3" x 8"
  2. Wow! Is the Lockit GM really that big?!? I'm going to have to check this out in person! I couldn't imagine carrying something the size of a Keepall(or bigger) as a handbag/shoulder bag.
  3. Thats where i'm at, or is it 14 " wide and 19 " tall? Still WOW
  4. Nope, your right the first time, 19" long and 14" tall! It's huge!!! These bags are BIG!!!
  5. I tried on the GM and it is HUGE .. would be great as a travel tote;)
  6. it is huuuuuge!!! travel bag for sure, I had it & returned it because it was too big. The bag isn't as heavy as other [hermes] leather bags though.
  7. damn that is an overnight bag :yes:
  8. WOW :nuts: but still it would be HOT as an overnight bag.
  9. I agree esp. in black suhali:heart:
  10. LOL... Yeah... black suhali is love. :biggrin:
  11. The gm is meant as a travel bag. What a gorgeous way to travel!
  12. The lockit GM is huge. I played with all of the lockits earlier this week, and it's massive and would be amazing for travel, but I'd totally carry it as a bag, but I love huge handbags.
  13. I think it would be perfect for a carryon or weekend bag.