didnt no LV made this- lol!

  1. eww yuck.. lol
  2. Oh that's just gross!
  3. :lol: I find it funny. =P It's totally ridiculous.
  4. neither did I..:confused1:
  5. we were watching werestling last wkend and he even had the matching pants. i was roflmao when the annoucner said he looked like a gucci purse though!
  6. OH my!
  7. :wtf::confused1::yucky:
  8. Ahhh i love him! i used to watch him wrestle all the time!
    But yea the outfit is awfull!
  9. maybe it was a special order! lol
  10. OH my.
  11. HAHAHA. that's funny!
  12. ewww
  13. HAHA thats funny
  14. :throwup::yucky: