Didn't like the floral print wristlet so instead I got....

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    Something cute in a little box!


    I've been wanting this for a while!
  2. Let's see it!
  3. I am here too
  4. I am here toooooooooooo
  5. yayyyyyyyyyyyy
  6. My beautiful gramercy embossed patent mini skinny in sv/winter white. I am going to use it for spring, LOL.


    Soon to come...my collection pics..I collect the most impractical coach bags ever. :yahoo:
  7. Eyes are peeled!
  8. Very cute! I like!
  9. Cute!
  10. Very nice, congrats!
  11. That's super pretty! Enjoy!
  12. Super cute!! I love it!!
  13. congrats!!!
  14. Very Pretty!!!


    Lynne :biggrin:
  15. Cute little gem! Enjoy!!