Didn't like the Figari-AT ALL. Thinking about Alma Long

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  1. So, long story short, I couldn't wait to get a Jasmin then thought I "fell in love" with the Figari and decided to get that instead. It was much smaller than I thought and the condition of the bag was not so good and not as described. I returned it to the seller today.

    I have decided that the Jasmin will also be too small and the Alma is just too big, so now I am seriously loving the Alma Long:nuts: , but it's discontinued! UGH:cursing:

    Does anyone know when it was discontinued? Anyone have one?
  2. Sorry to hear that the other bag didn't work out for you.

    I think it has been discontinued for 2 yrs or so..I could be wrong
  3. i think i've seen it on ebay..u can try there
  4. but i think the alma long is smaller than the jasmin? in terms of how much it can hold..
  5. I think so too. :yes: