Didn't get the T&C mesh earrings.... got this instead! :)

  1. Hi Everyone,

    First and foremost i would like to thank all of you for your comments & inputs re. my previous post... it was very helpful in making me decide on my final purchase...

    I did not get the Elsa Peretti mesh earrings.. It was not available in my nearest Tiffany's store... could not risk buying it in the web without even trying it... While going around the mall i stopped buy a store selling Pianegonda jewelry.. & this pair of earrings caught my eye... Thought i could not pull it off as i am not used to big stones but it looked good with my big frame... The color of the stone was just beautiful..:heart::heart::... i had to have it... Got it today!:yahoo:

    Below is the photo ... The stone is smokey quartz and earrings also have pave diamonds...

    The wonderful part about it is that i was given a 10% discount and a really cute heart drop keychain as a gift :heart::heart:... & it was the only piece of its kind in the store... ;)
    pianegonda.jpg psq.jpg
  2. Here's a much clearer photo :smile::smile:
    forgive the finger print.
  3. Now those earrings are lovely! Great purchase!xx
  4. beautiful!! are they from tiffany's?
  5. Thank you! nope their from Pianegonda :smile:
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!
  7. congrats!
  8. congrats...i like these better than the mesh....enjoy :smile:
  9. Very nice! They are simple and classy and you'll probably wear them for decades.
  10. Beautiful smokey quartz! I think you made a good decision. These seem to be more wearable. Enjoy and congrats!
  11. i LIKE them...even though they're not from Tiffs. I love tiffs 100% but those are nice and i'm glad you made a decision you're happy with. You can't go wrong with Tiffanys though....if you ever decide to get them, remember to post and we can all celebrate with you! whoopie! congrats to your shining beauty! bling bling baby
  12. Gorgeous!! I love them!
  13. Pretty!
  14. They look beautiful on you!
  15. Congrats, they are very pretty! ♥