Didn't get price tags with my purchase...

  1. I bought a speedy 30 today and it didn't come with those two "price tags" like my neverfull did. Should i go request them? I know it's just 2 tiny pieces of paper, but i wonder if it's good to have if i decide to sell my bag later in the future. :push:
  2. my last 2 items I bought didn't come with them either. I don't really think it's a big deal. Like you said, they're just paper.
  3. Bags don't always come with them. I wouldn't worry about going back to get them.
  4. ok! thanks for responding! i'm not going to worry about it anymore then... i bet the SA there are tired of me cause I was there for probably 45 mins yesterday and then 30 mins today trying to decide between the neverfull and the speedy...and then went back to exchange. :shame:
  5. they're nice to have if you ever plan on reselling.
  6. One of the only times I got a price tag with any of my items was with the MOCA pieces. Otherwise, the price tags aren't generally included.
  7. I don't think you would need them, so don't worry about it!