Didn't get card w/ GST thru Neiman's - what to do?

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  1. Neiman Chanel manager was nice enough to search all over for a large GST for me, and got it before the price increase. Problem - it looks like it was either the floor display or a return because I didn't get the control card with the number to match the sticker in the bag. I don't want to have to return it but seriously...what do I do? Do I need the card?
  2. i'm slightly confused, by control card do you mean authenticity card? If that is what you are talking about, I think that it's pretty important, at least IMO. If you ever wanted to resell this bag, it's always nice to have the autheniticy card come with it. I would bring it back and tell them that you didn't see the card (have you checked the zipper or any of the pouches on the bag? that's usually where they are i think) and ask them to exchange your gST with another one. and just make sure they don't make you pay the price difference! :smile: good luck!!!
  3. everyone here has different opinions, of course!
    But for me personally, I NEED all documentation for my own peace of mind.
    I just do, I guess I'm a little anal that way:shrugs:

    Some people would buy it from you on eBay even w/o it, but I wouldn't.

    If you seriously believe you'll keep this bag for a very long time, it doesn't probably matter.
  4. I would call them and ask them about it. It is important imo.
  5. I agree with Swanky.

  6. I feel the same way exactly!
  7. I agree with the others. The card is really important!
  8. Yeah, I agee with the rest too.. It is important..:yes:
  9. I agree too! I need to have those cards with the bag!
  10. I don't sell my bags so personally, I really don't care about the authenticity cards. I only buy at Chanel or shop-in-shops, I know my bags are the real deal. However, that being said I don't recall ever buying a bag without the card. In fact, I tried to buy one w/o the card at Nordstrom and they would not even sell it to me because they said that is their/Chanel policy. There must be different policies.
  11. i am with swanky on this....
    i need complete documentation.
  12. I agree. I need complete documentation too.
  13. Just a FYI: I did not get a card either with my GST. Basically, I got a call back a week later from a "director" at Chanel who told me that there's no way I can get an authenticity card if one didn't come with my bag.
  14. How does this happen? Are they not checking their inventory?
    I agree with everyone else. I would not purchase without the documentation.
  15. they get lost unfortunately. . . or maybe stolen.
    I'd guess that it's usually a return though.