Didn't get authenticity card?

  1. Hi ladies!!

    Hope your weekend has been great.

    I just bought a beige Grand Shopper yesterday... it was the last one although they just were restocked a couple days ago. It didn't come to me with an authenticity card... do you gals think that's a problem? I imagine keeping this baby around forever, but just in case I want to sell... I do still have the receipt. I feel like kind of a brat going back in and asking for an authenticity card... but should I?

    Wish I could take a picture for you guys... was just telling Irishgal my digital camera failed me at this vital moment! Hopefully it just needs a battery change.
  2. Heya!
    Your not being a brat at all. You just never know if and when your going to decide to sell and its your safety net if you do. I would play it safe and get your card. Hugs, and enjoy your new beauty!!
  3. If it were me, I would definitely go back and get the authenticity card. I like to have everything that comes with the bag, just in case you decide to sell in the future. You never know, you might like something better or just feel that you want to move on to a different bag after using this for a couple of years.

    In the meantime, Congratulations and enjoy your new bag!
  4. Definitely go back and request one. Are you sure you didn't get a returned bag? All of my bags were brand new in box and came with cards.
  5. Your new "baby" is adorable!!! I love seeing avatars of fur babies:heart:
  6. You finally got it! Congrats, I know you have been wanting one for a long time. I don't think it would be out of line to ask for the card, at all. You never know what could happen, and you may need it down the line.
  7. get the card Annie, don't feel bad AT ALL. They know how important the card is to have:yes:
  8. I would go back and get one as well. =)
  9. Yeah, do go back to the store and ask them for the authentical card.
    I bet they wouldn't even have a slight thinking of you being a brat..cos they surely understand how important it is:yes:
  10. That happened to my friend not too long ago. She ended up returning it and buying another bag because they could not find the card.