Didn't get anything from Bluefly after placing an order... :(

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  1. Hi,

    Wondering if anyone has similar experience?

    I purchased a BV bag at bluefly on 8/26. However, everytime when I checked the order status, it always showed "at warehouse" and the last update on my order status was 8/26.

    Nothing happened and 5 days have passed by. On the Bluefly website, it says that "most" orders will be shipped out within 1 to 2 days, but somehow it's not the case to my order.

    I called customer service several times, and what they could tell me was pretty much what I could see from the online order status page. They don't know when the item will be shipped, and there is no way for me to cancel the order.

    It "Was" a birthday gift to my mom, and now it's already too late for her birthday. I have bought something else since I just could not wait for the "no-idea-when-I-can-get-it" gift anymore. :cursing:

    Anything I can do? Please help...

  2. Yikes! That's awful I am sorry to hear your having such a hard time with Bluefly. I order stuff from them often and have never had a problem. I am sorry I am of no help since I haven't been in a similar situation. But I think you should be able to cancel your order if it hasn't shipped. Are they not allowing you to cancel your order?
  3. thank you SonyaPhi.

    no, they don't let me cancel the order. :sad:

    i was told that i have to wait and wait. when i finally receive the order, i can just return it. the Best they can do in my case is to credit me the full order amount + "return shipping cost". when can i get the refund back to my account? they said in A FEW weeks.

    i just find it hard to believe. i bought a few things from Bluefly before, and i didn't have problem at all. i am totally lost now, and i have no idea what to do next. :sad::sad::sad:[​IMG]
  4. If they send it UPS, I'm pretty sure you can REFUSE the shipment and it goes back to Bluefly. I have done that in the past. :yes:
  5. I had this same thing happen to me with a Gucci bag I "bought". The status kept saying at warehouse. I never got it and they eventually sent me an email stating the order was cancelled 2 weeks later. I was like, "gee thanks a lot". The same thing also happened to a friend of mine. I don't put a lot of stock in buying stuff from them because I think they oversell.

    Sorry you're out of a present for your mom. And yes, if they do send it, refuse shipment.
  6. That is terrible customer service. I'm sorry they've put you in this tough spot. Just because I get so mad about things like this, I've been known to bug companies over and over till they see reason. Sometimes it works, often not, but at least I bothered them.
  7. HAHA!! That's hilarious!!! I do the same thing!!!
  8. Well, you can use the Boxermom approach and annoy the hell out of them until they give in to your demands!! LOL!! You can argue that you were not aware that it was on back order. If your patient I guess you could wait it out.:push:
  9. Mine didn't update for days as well and then I checked and it shipped - received it the next day.
  10. Did you pay by credit card? If it were me, I would tell them to cancel my order or I would do so with the credit card company. There's no reason why they can't cancel it for you.
  11. This is really odd if you couldn't cancel your order...I did a few times...I have no problem with canceling orders...probably try to talk to supervisor? I really hope you can get through this soon:yes:. Good luck!!
  12. thank you everyone!
    this is what I plan to do... If the order status is still "at warehouse" on tuesday, I will call Bluefly customer care again and try to talk to a supervisor. If they still don't let me cancel the order, I will call American Express to cancel it. I've not done this before, but I think given with what happens so far, it's probably fair for me to report a chargeback. :sad:

    Thank you again for all the responses. I will post an update after this is sorted out. (hope soon! :smile:)
  13. keep us posted!!!!

    annoying is good also.......:graucho:
  14. Aside from backorder, it may just be that there were a few left that got snatched up and you were the unlucky one. That happened to me with Nordstrom. I always buy from BlueFly and have always had amazing service. I would call again and cancel your order if nothing changes soon. Good Luck!
  15. I hear AMEX is very good with customer disputes. Good luck!

    I made an order on 9/3 with Bluefly, and it's still "At Warehouse". I'm just going to wait, since mine is still fairly recent and I think their warehouse is probably bogged down with orders from the Labor Day weekend sale.

    I hope everything works out with your mom's present. I would be VERY aggravated if I was the one in your shoes. Bluefly gets so many mixed reviews from different people.