Didn"t Bid,shoulda!!!!!!!!!

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  1. didn't bid on a panda cles, it went for $84! to a zero fb bidder! ARGH! I thought I knew someone else who wanted it, so I was like "eh, why bid war?" they can snipe it, get it at a good price and be stoked!

    im an idiot.:sad: :sweatdrop:
  2. :wtf: :Push: Sorry you didn't get it but that's an awesome price for whoever won...do you have the link?
  3. So sorry sweetie! I watched it until the very end and was SHOCKED.
  4. Sorry to hear that happened. It happens to me all the time. I hate when I have been outbid by a effing dollar. That's the worst.
  5. Yeah, saw it in "authenticate this" just now. Better luck next time.:yes:
  6. thanks, i appreciate it. i thought e-strawberry was going for it!
  7. Nope, i'm banned from buying ANY LV for a while. Hubby would kick my butt :graucho:
  8. now i know. hind-sight,blah blah blah.

    in other related questions, is auth this a dead thread, or is it read/posted to oft?
  9. Kicking yourself for you LOL
  10. nxt time u can bid and then get it authenticated...i kinda regret not bidding on that one too, but I'm on ban, really shouldn't, but that price was half the retail...so really good deal
  11. Oh, that one hurt...sorry, but something better is coming your way!
  12. yea? got any suggestions? or is that just positive thinking?

    e-straw- stop. my @ss hurts.