Diddy's Secret Baby's Mama Speaks!!

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    September 13, 2007. MediaTakeOut.com was the first news source in the world to tell you that Diddy had a secret baby with Atlanta business woman Sarah Chapman. We also told you that Kim was telling lies to Essence about not knowing about Diddy's relationship with Sarah.

    Now Sarah is speaking out about the whole incident. In an interview with blogger Sandra Rose, Sarah said the following:

    "I never moved out of Atlanta," she said. "I have always lived here and I'm definitely 33. I graduated [from Spelman] in '96. My birthday is next week and I'm going to be 34," she said. "I never ran away from Atlanta because I was pregnant." Sarah, who was born in Minneapolis, said she moved to Atlanta at age 17 to attend Spelman College.

    Sarah's response to Kim's assertion that she didn't know her: "A lot of what you said is true about me and Kim. There's so much more to the story than that. She definitely knows who I am," said Sarah. "Yes, it's true, we've had words. [Kim] knew about my pregnancy prior to her getting pregnant. In fact, Kim and I met [Sean] at the same time."

    Sarah stressed that she doesn't seek out the spotlight: "That's not for me. I don't enjoy that. I'll let Kim have that"

    She also talked about the rumors that surrounded her pregnancy last year: "There's been rumors out there that [Sean Combs] offered me a million dollars to not have the baby, said Sarah. "If he gave me a million dollars I wouldn't be calling him every month for child support," she joked. "I mean, he pays me on a monthly basis, but there's rumors that he offered me a million dollars hush money."

    About her longterm relationship with Sean, Sarah said, "He and I are friends, we've always been friends. I've known him for a long time - 13 years exactly. Sarah adding that they dated "on and off" over those years. "I know it sounds very cliché, but we really are friends. It's never been a situation where I'm trying to step on top of [Kim] or I'm trying to be in her position."

    Sarah expressed surprise that Kim dropped her name in the Essence interview. "She threw my name in that ****," said Sarah, raising her voice slightly. Regarding Kim's revelation that Kim didn't speak to Sean Combs about Sarah's baby until after her twins were born, Sarah said, "the scary part is that any woman can be with a man and not even mention to him 'oh, I heard you got another woman pregnant' - that's really scary. For the longest time she never mentioned my pregnancy to him. She kept it a secret to herself so it wouldn't take the shine off of her," said Sarah. "I thought [Sean] was lying, but he said Kim never mentioned my pregnancy to him."

    Sarah stressed she wanted the opportunity to tell her side of the story in a national forum. "I don't have a voice," she said softly. "I don't have a forum to speak about my child. He has the forum. I'm not a superstar, he's the superstar. He's the person that should be out there acknowledging his child. I'm going on with my daily life and raising my child. We do what we do. We go to Sesame Street and the zoo," said Sarah.

    "Now that she's lured me out, let me paint the picture. I don't want anyone else to paint the picture. Let me have a say so," she said. "I need to have a voice. I want to be heard."​
    Ladies and gentlemen, we know Kim and she is not going to stand for this chick talkin' reckless about her. Get ready for an all out war....

  2. Geez already.....how many kids does he have now???:supacool:
  3. Diddy is an idiot and any woman associated with him is an even bigger idiot.
  4. Wow!! I heard about the the other day on the radio, I had no idea Didy was a playboy to that extreme!
  5. I live in the ATL this is old news, heard about it last year.
    I can't believe Kim gave the press her name????
  6. Wow I didn't know she went to Spelman.

    At any rate, I don't understand why these women get involved with him. He has no intention of settling down with anyone who isn't J Lo or... well I won't get into that, but he isn't settling down with Kim or Sarah or that other one either.
  7. I agree,to be honest I don't see what these woman see him in (Well his money),he is hidious!
  8. I wonder how many more little Diddys are running around out there. The guy strikes me as a total player. He's probably fathered kids with women he met while out partying and everything.
  9. I'm curious who's Sarah? and diddy wanted to get serious with Jho? I mean Jlo do tell...

  10. Yeah that was pretty foul...
  11. Why doesn't Diddy get snipped already? He must love giving his money away. Either that, or he is enjoying filling the planet up with children that won't ever know their daddy but by name or monthly check. It is quite disgusting. If I were these women, I would be more worried about an STD than being pregnant.
  12. I heard he cheated on JLo too:rolleyes:
  13. So THATS what she looks like. She sounds really dumb. Its too late to speak out, your legacy will be a groupie that he tried to pay off. lol

    And her and Kim resemble each other, despite Kim being darker complexion.
  14. Oh Lord! And why people care about this scambag anyway? I wish he'd go away! There is no amount of money in the world that will change that multiple personality patch/waste of human skin into something decent.
  15. Sarah was the other woman who had a child by Diddy. She was getting much less than Kim Porter in child support and went back to court in the last two or three years to get more. I THINK Sarah is her name. I may have gotten her name wrong, but I think she is Justin's mother.

    As for Jho, he wanted to actually marry her. A step he took that he hasn't really taken with Kim or any other woman. And he even went on to sing about Jho in a song after they split.