Diddy, Kim and the baby girls pic (Sorry if Posted)

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Wow, they look so cute and cuddly. The look like Kim (for now). Thanks for the pic, I've been dying to see them..
  3. Oh, they are SO CUTE!!! Remind me of those girls -Tia and Tamara!!!
  4. That is a cute picture!
  5. Cute picture! I hoppe they will look like their mama when they grow up, she's such a beauty.
  6. How cute!
  7. They're so pretty already! Thanks for the photos, that's the first time I've seen pictures of the twins.
  8. Cute picture.. the twins really look like Kim!
  9. They're little angels!
  10. Awww... they're so cute!
  11. Cute!
  12. What cute babies!!!!
  13. Precious :love: :love:
  14. Beautiful family pic, gorgeous babies!
  15. How precious that's a wonderful pic.