Did Your'e Parents Ever Give you Advice About Men ?

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  1. My mother discouraged me about a boy I was crazy about in college. She didn't like him because he was ethnic (Italian), short (5'3" - just an inch shorter than me), poor (just like my father was growing up), and a philosophy major.

    Ten years later, he was making a million dollars/year on Wall Street and continues to make even more now, a decade later. I enjoy reminding my mother of that as frequently as possible, as that's something that's important to her.

    I was just crazy about him and felt so sympatico with him. It didn't work out, but i have a great husband, so *shrug*.
  2. My mom always said he must have a sense of humor, he must always put you first, and if he isn't a hard worker look the other way.

  3. i SO agree with this!!! :idea: