Did Your'e Parents Ever Give you Advice About Men ?

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  1. Same as mine! :lol: They want a typical tall chinese man that's whippable. Unfortunately, I like them to be non-asian and can fight back.
  2. Yeah my mom. I think the rule is -- finish school, then babies.
  3. My grandma told me to stay away from them, I wish I had listened!
  4. ^^ LOL Noriko!
  5. They just think it would be more compatible or something. They don't know I've been with my BF for 5 years. They think it's just something that started maybe a year ago. I have a Vietnamese friend who's dating an American for the past 3 years or so. No one in her family knows cause they told her before they'd disown her if that happens. She dated a Vietnamese guy who wasn't in the saem Church/religion as she is when she was in high school and her parents were very unapproving. Think how it would be if they found out!
  6. I come from a really traditional hispanic home...yep so traditional that is frowned upon if you date just to date...for the traditionalists...when you date its because youre on the verge of getting married (could you imagine?).
    Sooo traditionalists that if they do happen to allow you to go out for a chat or for a coffee with a 'friend' (cause it was NEVER a boyfriend)...you would need to take your lil' sis or older sis/bro with you as a chaperone.
    So let's just say that I'm the oldest child and I definitely made up my own rules..and it was soo hard for my parents when I was growing up because I was a bit of a rebel...but even so, when I finally was able to date my mom ALWAYS had an input...

    Things are different now...especially for my lil' sis..they have it soo much better than I did...now my parents are so laid back it's not even funny....
  7. My aunt says that, too. She says a kind man truly cares about your happiness.

    The best advice my aunt ever gave me was:
    "Let them talk but don't base your opinion of them on what they say, base your opinons on what they DO."
  8. My mom always tells me, that if he really loves me he won't make me feel bad.
  9. Mom's advice: Before going out on a date, stick a dime in your bellybutton. If he discovers it and asks why it's there, use the dime to call me to come get you.

  10. Absolutely!!!
  11. well i actually met my fiancee thru my parents as it is an arranged marriage.. my mums always giving me advice on how to deal with situations when they arise not really specifically about men.. coz evry guy is differnt..
  12. :lol:
  13. my mom did. she met my best friend and just had a hunch about him. well long story short, she was right. will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary this year.
  14. Congratulations !!! :love:

  15. Funny !!!! :lol: :lol: