Did Your'e Parents Ever Give you Advice About Men ?

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  1. What was that advice ? Did you listen ?
  2. My mom did/does. I hate it.
  3. Yes. And she's usually right..so I've learned. :smile:
  4. Yep. My mom started giving me advice after my parents' divorce. She's been married twice, and is recently engaged after dating someone for 8 years - she has him trained well :amuse: :P She has a lot of knowledge from experience, and so far I've found out (sometimes the hard way) that she's usually right.
  5. My mom's primary advice was "they won't buy the cow if they can get the milk for free." Let's just say that's some advice I've never followed...:P
  6. well my Mum always said and she's still saying it, "make sure he really loves you - if you dont have love... where do you think you both will end up?"

    i always think about that... i hope she's right because i really do believe - now that a relationship can totally survive on love... :love:
  7. My mom told me don't get with pretty boys or musicians, but I kinda don't listen all the time. hehe
  8. Doh! Double post.
  9. yea, too much. i dont know if she did more harm than good. i never listened when i was a teen. now im more confused than ever.
  10. yes.

    If he has a temper then run away and don't look back. Also, never let someone walk all over you. other than that my mom is very hard to talk about boys with, so I don't do it.
  11. Yes the same old same old stuff...jk. Anyway mostly just someone honest and love me.
  12. A man should love a woman, more than a woman loves a man = is the advice I receive.
  13. Never look for a rich man, look for a kind man!
  14. No, in fact this was the level of advice I recieved about sex/men:

    Me (age 17) - "mom, I need some money for the pill, I'm broke".

    Mom - "No, I won't support that".

    Me - "well, I guess I'm screwed".

    Mom - "well, I guess you won't be".

    Ture story. :P (we are best friends now, this was a long time ago, and we both laugh about it today.)
  15. Yes but their advice is an arranged marriage-like thing. A guy they want. Chinese and all. But I'm not attracted to Chinese guys although I have some as good friends.

    Try this, my mom tried to talk to me about sex when she first visited me here when I left my country for college. That was the summer after my first year in college here. Ha! Living at the dorms was pretty much sex ed. I just told her I know everything even before she could ask more or go on.