Did your wallet or accessories come with a dust bag?

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  1. I just looked at the wallet club in LV forum and I just noticed that most of the wallets come with dust bag :smile: but why I never got one when I bought wallets??? I began to wonder. Mine are all come with only box. I bought nearly 10 LV accessories/ wallets in the past and I just noticed I never ever have a dustbag for my wallets. I do get dust bags when I bought costume jewelries and keyrings.

    Anyone had the same experience as me? I'm in UK :sad:.

    Any thoughts?
  2. All of mine came with dustbags.
  3. Mine always came with dustbags.
  4. Same here. Mine always came with dust bags.
  5. yes they come with dustbag
  6. All my SLG came with dustbags and little boxes
  7. all of my LV has come with a dustbag no matter how small. even my gold chain for the accordeon wallet came with one in a little box. ^_^
  8. When I got my ludlow and 6-key holder, they never came with dustbags. But that was about 10 years ago! I think now they all should come with dustbags.
  9. Not all of them.. but peevenjo makes a good point, a lot of mine are older. All of my more recent ones did come with one, except for the perle pastilles cles.
  10. Yes, my wallets have come in dust bags and my small accessories with drawstring bags. I've never had to ask for mine, but I've been reading about SAs not including dust bag and/or box with their purchases. Next time you buy something, I would definitely ask for one!
  11. I think most of mine came with one ~ and the nice boxes too. I will have to check. I only have one set of each item (no duplicate wallets), so need to use them. But I love all that stuff that comes along with the purchase. When I bought a cles, the SA did it up nicely ~ with the leather string (is that what it is?). I appreciated that gesture.
  12. Yes, they always come with dustbags
  13. I only have a few accessories (no wallets) and they all came with dust bags. I forgot to ask for the box for my pochette accessories. :sad:
  14. Lately I just bought a LV Pomme wallet and no dustbag as always !
  15. My pochette wallet came with a dustbag and box.-you should request one if you didn't