Did your time at tPF change your mind?

  1. So I have noticed something lately.

    Many ladies and gent's came to tPF with one love (say, Coach, LV, whatever) and since spending time here have discovered a new love (say, Chanel, Balenciaga, again whatever).

    I, too, am a victim! I came here all about Coach and have started to expand my horizon's a bit! (I think it's kinda neat!!)

    So it got me thinking, how many of you came here with one love of a brand, style, and have since either expanded out into others or have sold of your original collection for another?

    Thank you SO much for sharing!!!
  2. I didn't really have much knowledge about designers besides the most famous stuff (LV, Balenciaga, Chanel, etc). TPF introduced me to so many different brands...it's been quite amazing. And I am so much happier with my collection now!
  3. I was the same way! I knew what LV and Chanel was (I had never heard of Balenciaga before...oh, that is a piece of heaven for me!) but even when I joined, I didn't own a single piece of my collection until afterwards!

    Over the last year, I have learned SO much! And I still don't know much at all!! It has been a wonderful fashion forward experience for me!
  4. I love seeing all the different great bags out there and how to get them safely.
  5. a google search for lamb brought me here, and lamb is what's made me stick around! I actually used to collect LV, gucci and marc jacobs...now I can't seem to stray from lamb
  6. Thank you all so much for sharing!

    I enjoy learning everyone's "history" and to see how tPF helped us all to grow!!! (Both inside and out!)
  7. Nope. Die hard Jimmy Choo girl. I may purchase other bags, but I carry my Choos the most!:choochoo::choochoo:
  8. I was a Marc Jacobs fanatic (still love them) but most of the styles are so heavy! I have learned so much about other brands on tPF that I would have never known about otherwise! Namely, LINEA PELLE is my current love, then there's Gustto, Rebecca Minkoff, Gerard Darel, Jenny Yuen, all these great names that aren't just "out there" in your face all the time or are not sold at most retailers.
    I love it here!!!
  9. I'm a TODS fanatic, but coming here has me looking at Bbags and Chanel again but only to look, I prefer the lesser popular brands like TODS and LT.
  10. This site has given me an education of bags.
  11. You know, this is a great question! I can definitely say YES. I used to hate Bal bags, I couldn't fathom why anyone liked them. Then I started looking at the leather and the colors...yup, definitely changed my mind.
  12. Well, I still love what I came here loving (Marc Jacobs), but tPF has definitely broadened my horizons. I am now lusting after bags that I had never even heard of before (or at least never thought I would ever want).

    Probably my biggest change-of-mind would be LV. When I first came here I hated it! Now I have a Speedy and a couple of smaller items (and there are plenty of things I would love to own). While there are certain lines of LV that I'm not a fan of, one year ago I never would have imagined liking any LV at all!
  13. These comments are fantastic!!! Thank you!! :flowers:
  14. ^ and thank YOU.:yes:
  15. I found tPF looking for a way to authenticate Coach bags. Coach was all I was interested in. Since my time here, though, I've really learned a lot about bags in general and have found Tano bags (that I adore) and now I can't learn enough about Balenciaga.:yes: