Did your simple CL stretch??

  1. I just got a pair of 85 simples and they are a little snugg in the bunion area. Only way I can think of to describe it so you know where I mean. I went up a half size, any larger and they would be too big in the heel. How much do they stretch?? Do they stretch?? Are they suppose to fit like a glove at first?? I donnu what to do.:shrugs::shrugs::sad:
  2. yes they do stretch. my SA told me they stretch quite a lot so she told me to stick with my TS and so i did! i hope they won't be too tight when they arrive *keeps her fingers crossed*
  3. I have been trying to walk around, but I have very little carpet in my house. My dog thinks I'm nuts. Good luck to you!!
  4. Mine started to stretch after a couple of hours of wearing. All my CLs stretch out eventually.
  5. Ok, feeling much better about life right now. I have been marching around my closet, and I think everything is going to be fine.
  6. Yes, they will absolutely stretch. Mine are actually too big on me whereas when I purchased them, they were tight. Just wear them around the house a few days.
  7. Thank you, that was a panick. If I must say so myself, as I blush,:shame: they look stunning on my feet!;)
  8. the leathers and pythons stretch and mold to the foot nicely.. the patent obviously stretch much less.
    not sure which ones you got but they are the best CL ;)
  9. Leather, thanks!
  10. My nude simple pumps are a bit tight on me, so it's good to hear they will stretch.
  11. I found a way to stretch shoes, but I have only tried on a pair of cheap no name pumps that I never wear anymore. I'm too scared to stretch my CLs to much.
    Here's how:

    Take a plastic Ziploc bag, fill with a little water. (If you are using a sandwich size bag fill with about 2 inches or so) The bag should fit snugly in your shoe. Add more water until it fits snugly. Make sure it's not loose! Put your shoes in the freezer for a couple hours or overnight if you want to make sure they really get a good stretch. :smile: They will stretch because the water expands when it turns to ice. Try stretching your shoes little by little..you don't want to overstretch and damage your shoe! Good luck.
  12. Wow, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharring that neat tip.:tup:
  13. Has anyone put their CLs in the freezer yet?

    I am too chicken to try that method on CLs..
  14. Yeah, I think I will just keep walking around in the CL's, too much money to freeze those! I may experiment on a lesser shoe that is snug. If I do, I will post the results.
  15. cjy- No problem!

    I tried these with these Calvin Klein pumps I bought for only $50-ish and it worked nicely. The shoe was half a size too small and hurt my toes but after stretching I can wear these all day without any pain. I'm sure it depends on the shoe..so just make sure you don't leave it in for too long and don't use too much water. Do a little at a time. Hope it works for everyone..