Did your LV come in a box?

  1. I purchased the perf Musette from the LV store and it came in a lousy envelope and paper bag. :wtf: Can I go back and request for the box? All my Diors and Balenciagas came with boxes.

    Sorry I sound so unpro - was never into LV monogram until I saw this design.
  2. Some of mine did and some didn't. You can go back and ask for a box.
  3. all mine came in a box, when you say envelope, do you mean dustbag? yes you can go ask for one.
  4. When stores run out of boxes, they start using brown envelopes...

    It won't hurt to go back and ask. ;)
  5. ohhh, i never encountered those envelopes...
  6. My first LV purchase from the store came in a brown envelope inside the shopping bag. They had my bag inside of the dust bag. I didn't even realize it until we got home (4 hrs away). I will always ask in the future.
  7. I asked for one. . . have no idea if I would've gotten one w/o asking or not.
    I stack mine when I'm not using them, easier to store for me.
  8. All of mine came with boxes. I love to stack mine in the closet because I think they're so pretty! I actually don't store my bags in them. I've heard the bags can get musty and moldy if you keep them in the box where they can't breathe.
  9. I think i have boxes for all my new bags. Ebay ones I think 1 came with a box.
  10. I always refuse the box :sad:
    I can't travel with them as they add too much bulk.
    It's a bummer cuz I like the boxes.
    I am going to see if maybe my SA will ship some to me (allt he ones she owes me ;))
  11. Only one of my bags has come in a box. After I started using the same SA all the time, he just wrapped one up in a box for me without me asking. I haven't bought a bag since so I don't know if it was just a one time thing or not. I think generally you have to ask for them.
  12. I was told that they're phasing out the boxes but I have no idea if it's true or not.
  13. All my bag purchases from LV came in box with drk brwn tie. Even small items, like wallet:flowers:
  14. I just bought a bag and I didn't get the super heavy duty box that I got before. This one was more like a lighter weight cardboard box, sorta like the ones that Chanel has... Is that an "envelope"? Or did I get their "new" box version?
  15. Depends on which boxes they have at the time.
    I got one with the Perfo Musette though. Sometimes they're out of the bigger sizes and they'll just put them in the dustbag, wrap it with tissue and put it in the shopping bag.
    I think I remember hearing that the heavy duty boxes are being phased out since they're not quite biodegradeable and people just toss them.

    and Wickedassin, that's one of the newer ones..it folds down easier for storage or disposal. :smile: